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  1. you know that those are all in-game 3d models with cel-shading, right? the game is using the unreal engine (same engine that gears of war and the tranformers war for cybertron uses). those characters are not 2D sprites.
  2. I'm not sure if this was posted, but it looks like someone sneaked a VF 1/55 in the movie (this was during the elves invasion at the beginning of the film)
  3. well, I just heard back from CDjapn on my order of the limited edition (with the service charge version) "Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry, but we do not give shopper points in this service. However, we made a price adjustment as below (EMS shipping charge is not included)." I guess if you want the points, you should order the original limited edition page ;;
  4. yea, I sent them an email to see if we can at least get the points or if it would be better to cancel the order with the service charge and go with the original special edition pre-order. Just waiting for a reply ;;
  5. Wow, this is their original limited edition pre-order too!! you don't have to pay the service charge and you get points!! unlike the the other pre-order ;;; Do you think CDjapn can give us the points at least for people who did the other pre-order? ;; I'm not complaining, I'm just asking :-)
  6. Got mine today...i didn't expect it to be so big (i guess that's why it was so expensive ; here's a comparsion shot here's the box shot
  7. NCSX have screenshots of the PS3 game from the hybrid disc http://www.ncsx.com/2012/040212/ncs0402u.htm
  8. To those who were able to pre-ordered it from CDJapan, I received a charged from "GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY" on my card, can anyone of you confirm this is CDJapan? (the charge is still currently pending). Thanks!
  9. this video shows alot more gamefootage ;; http://youtu.be/p2K6ZE5Oamg
  10. did anyone catch this over from TFw2005? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KB9dval0sVg
  11. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
  12. why doesn't the local residents order from Amazon JP? it seems Amazon JP have plenty of stock and free shipping? Is CDJapan more popluar with the local residents?
  13. So, I think we may have termites and was thinking about doing fumigation on the whole house. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this and their toy collection. Would the gas damage the toys and figures? How would you protect them? I can't really move them because I don't have another place for them. Any info on this is appreciated.
  14. I got an email from CDjapan that they shipped my bluray set yesterday, so I should get it by Friday of this week :-)
  15. On CDJapan website, the preorder for the Gunbuster blu-set has a whole new plot!! Did I missed something here? :-P btw, which plot did it get switched to? "Directed by Hideaki Anno ("Evangelion") and character designed by Haruhiko Mikimoto ("Macross"), Gunbuster is one of the most popular OVA SF series and the first success of Gainax!Plot: It depicts how a boy challenges the overwhelming consensus of the country while a girl stands by him during a period of 11 days. In the very near future, the main character named Akira Takizawa, who has no memory for unexplained reasons, is forced
  16. If anyone liked, "Kite", I recommend, "Mardock Scramble: The First Compression". It also has a feel of "Ghost in the shell" with a touch of "Ninja Scrolls". It's Dark and it's very graphic...
  17. The 2 legs (which are metal) needs to be pull apart and re-attach when transforming to robot form.
  18. As the topic said, 1/60 Super VF-1J Yamato version1 for $60. The price does not include shipping. US only please (lower 48 states). Paypal perferred for payment, however I'll take checks from memebers I have meet face to face in the past. I never opened this box, however when I bought it from the vendor, it was double tapped (see pics below for details) Thanks for looking.
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