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  1. AE has lost two of my orders before when I held them for almost a year. They could not locate a couple of YF-19 (1 Bandai, 1 Arcadia) after I requested shipping. They still won't answer my inquiries regarding those orders. Maybe an isolated incident but others here have mentioned something similar happening before. I still use AE but only as a last resort and always ship immediately. They haven't responded to my multiple emails regarding my DX super parts status since I paid for shipping either. Just letting ppl know they are far from perfect. NY, on the other hand, responded to my tickets (took a few days between each exchange) regarding 4x super parts. I asked for UPS or DHL quote, they replied with an upcharge payment request for UPS. I paid, asked for change of address. They confirmed. I waited a few days and asked when items would ship and they responded soon - shipped a couple of days after that. Received the super parts in 3 days. So in my experience recently, NY has AE beat in customer service. My personal count: AE has given me 3 bad experiences with 2 being horrible. NY I have received everything I ever ordered (I was not part of the 31A fiasco though) TLDR: (In my experience) AE hold system and customer service, despite what others have said, is complete garbage. I also never had any issues with orders from NY.
  2. Thanks for the links everyone. I was able to get in an order for a pair at Okini
  3. Crazy because this was the first time Amazon JP has shipped a bandai dx VF-1 to US in a long while. Since the Max VF-1A
  4. Yay got one at AmazonJP. Hope some of you got in as well. If showing empty in cart, that's a sign Amazon is now getting hammered. Keep trying though. As long as it still says Pre Order, its still a fight to check out.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.jp/超時空要塞マクロス-初回限定版VF-1S-ロイ・フォッカースペシャル-ダイキャスト製-塗装済み可動フィギュア/dp/B08C3GRZ4P/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=バンダイdx+vf-1s&qid=1593757988&sr=8-1
  6. I'm Not ready yet!
  7. My NY order info for Hikaru VF-1S #7008xx 11/21 received order prep email 11/24 received shipment email
  8. All this talk of NY and I just received my shipment notification from NY for the Hikaru 1S. So hopefully shipping has begun for the everyone
  9. Just received a payment request from Hobby Search. My order was from the night before release date.
  10. Wow, can't believe I got one from HS. Thanks, for the link, @chyll2, @DYRL VF-1SVF-1S, and @Sanity is Optional
  11. Valkyrie23

    Hi-Metal R

    Well I got 1 at amiami and 1 at CDJ. Thanks all for the links and thanks to Shizuka once again for the helpful summaries! Shama Amazon Japan is not shipping them to the US (still available if you other means of securing an order on there).
  12. Valkyrie23

    Hi-Metal R

    https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07YNQ1955/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=hi-metalマクロス&qid=1570173057&sr=8-2 AmazonJP is not shipping this item to the US, lol
  13. Valkyrie23

    Hi-Metal R

    Hobby Search is live
  14. Valkyrie23

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally got in at AmiAmi. Took forever, but worked once I was able to get to the cart checkout. HobbySearch continues to be a joke; well a different kind of joke lol
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