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  1. Yeah, I think bias may have been the point. But even then Star Wars and almost every space opera do have uniforms for villains.
  2. Yeah, to be honest, I watched the show (at least skim through it and it doesn’t seem to show enemy uniforms at all and wonder why.
  3. Well, thanks. i think I was also looking for the uniforms of enemy side also. like Four Nations Alliance as stated in the OP.
  4. So I am just posting this because I wanted idea for uniforms. While we do see Abh's uniforms (like the image below) quite alot, I am not sure about uniforms of their enemies (United Humankind and Four Nations Alliance). Is there any good reference for them if available? Just wanted to make a fan art.
  5. So I decided to post fan arts of uniforms along with speculations in case anyone is interested.
  6. Also just curious but is there any notes on the uniforms like if the jumpsuit has zippers, the red area of the uniforms are undershirts or part of the uniform, or details descriptions (if in Japanese, maybe translated by readers if possible)?
  7. Except the shirt area of the armor seems to be based on their under shirt (Like the abdomen area being red instead of grey or the gold circle thingy).
  8. To be honest, this might be more practical in the armor standpoint. Even Stig/Scott and Shinobu/Sue do have suit under their armor not being same as what they were wearing. Plus Mospeada could use some "sleeveless shirts" under the armor ala Gears of War 3 (even if the closest one to have biceps is Jim/Lunk). But part of me think it's to simplify drawing since they don't want to memorize details for each animation shot (Mospeada was a troubled production, hence much of its plot being cut short as well). But many official art--especially Robotech except Shadow Chronicles--tend to ignore normal clothes being worn under the armor and go for literal interpretation of the show's design.
  9. Also another conundrum. I am wondering how the ride armor were worn, like if they had to wear long sleeve shirt, take off their jumpsuits, fabric coming with the armor, or just an artistic license. Here is Houqet/Rook and Yellow/Lancer.
  10. Well, maybe no color scheme then. What about insignia, Jupiter Base and other military included? Also what he meant by Shinobu art?
  11. Sadly, no. Mostly I found Line Art Works and Gears Online, but only for Mars Base (also no mention if the jumpsuit are taken off before donning Ride Armor).
  12. Hello, I am someone who has been making (and commissioning) Mospeada fan art. I am wondering if there are references to uniform colors and unit insignia for the regiments in the show, or maybe planned but was not released. The only reference we got were Mars Base, the collage down below. Wanted to know if there are uniforms for Jupiter Base or other bases as well? In addition, I am curious about uniform concept art since...I am starting to wonder if Mars Base soldier had take off their suit before donning their armor since the fabric part of the MOSPEADA suit--based on their waist area--always show the undershirt, even those who aren't wearing long sleeve shirt (Houqet/Rook and Yellow/Lancer).
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