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  1. @levzloi great to deal with and quick shipper thanks
  2. Big thanks to @Duymon!!!! Easy to work with and everything came through with no problems.
  3. SOLD. PayPal Payment as sale and includes shipping in Continental US. Pictures emailed upon request. I could not upload the best of the pics on here. Show some flaws/stress cracks in the leg hip areas where they connect to the metal ball joints which has some paint rubbed off. Knee cap covers slightly off color. Sticker sheet was folded and missing 2 basic stickers on it. I displayed it handful of times in its different modes. I will also include a clear Arcadia stand with this but is not pictured.
  4. Seeing all these mixed reactions about the prototype. I am curious who would be wanting to get rid of their Yamato YF-21 for the Bandai Version. I am really debating on selling or trading mine but am really conflicted. Need input please.
  5. Don’t know if I should be happy because the YF-21 was long overdue to be re-released or upset that my Yamato YF-21/VF-22S in my collection may now be worth squat.
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