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  1. cart jacked at HLJ. Boo!
  2. here we go again! T-minus 10 mins!
  3. Speaking from personal experience shopping with Mandarake: 1) SAHRA pre-estimated shipping costs are slightly higher than other Mandarake outlets around nearby region, as they are averaged out on merchandise of the similar size/dimensions (Mandarake’s shipping boxes comes in a variety of fixed sizes). 2) if you compare SAHRA’s shipping cost and another within nearby region, say UTSUNOMIYA or COMPLEX, the latter would usually (from my experience) be cheaper than SAHRA’s pre-estimated shipping cost. This is particularly true when it comes to DHL options. However I am unsure whe
  4. I think i secured one with Ami Ami. fingers crossed
  5. Yup, usually it should be there unless it was purchased in-store before the you checked out online. Happened to me once. Best is to get a confirmation email on the item, which usually would come after the first email (acknowledging your order placed)
  6. It's sold out now.
  7. The yammies were revolutionary for its time. Looking back, it still holds the test of time (in regard to the engineering and design). Bandai improved and made the engineering and design even better through the DX. If at all, my two cents says the DX modernized the engineering and design of the Valk, whilst paying homage to the Yammies.
  8. I think that one listed for 23k was opened (if my memory serves me right). On a side note, I did manage to snag an extra Vf-1S from Mandarake at 25k Yen. (Grandchaos outlet). From my observations Grandchaos and Nagoya outlets seem to have the most placed on sale. That having said, most of them sold out before one could click on the “add to cart” button
  9. Not disputing that, just saying that some may consider time and other factors when deciding a shipping method, to each his own. Not intending to stir any debate here. I don’t ship as much yearly (again depends on the releases), but if you purchase frequently I guess the extra dollar would easily pile up.
  10. If you’re paying that much for a toy, I don’t think the extra dollar going into shipping would really make much of a difference. What you’re paying for is the “time” for the toy to be delivered to you, and the ease of mind with tracking and insurance packaged under the shipping cost.
  11. I don’t have the valk with me right now, but it seems to be a little black smudge on the red color part of the chest plate.
  12. Hi guys, slightly off topic but I realize some small black paint smudge on pre-painted surface of my VF-1S. It’s not really noticeable if you look at it afar but me being picky over an expensive purchase was wondering whether there's any way to safely remove the small paint smudge without having to damage the bottom paint. And no, this is not the “100” numbering issue I’m referring to here :p Any tips would be great! Thanks in advance!
  13. Returning from the Customs and picked up my unit from HLJ after paying some import tax. Managed to bulldoze my order in on release date. Considered myself lucky. Hope everyone's getting their shipment sent out soon!
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