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  1. Again, I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from getting YetiStands. I'm not saying it is a bad product or implying it is inferior. I'm just relating my heart stopping experience. In fact, after putting the gerwalk on the Bandai stand I decided to skip the stand and not push my luck for the time being.
  2. I don't think I said it was junk. I just said I'm not trusting my stuff to it after this. This stuff is too expensive and too hard to replace. So I've decided that for me the safer route is best. Probably not use any stands except for maybe fighter mode. I've been collecting for over 25 years now and this first time I've had something plunge to the floor. Even having lived in earthquake country for 18 years. Silly me should have closed the cabinet door immediately, but my intention was to go back to it to tweak the missiles sitting around the base of the stand after I cleaned up my mess. This is not my first Yeti. I have an Alpha that is fine once you get all the balancing and tightening correct. I don't have any elbows in that setup - just three straight joints and generally configured with all the weight directly above the base joint in the center of the stand. The Beta has the base joint toward the back which means that it has to support the weight in a different way that I had always wondered about. That's why I went with the Alpha the first time around. The cool etched kite is why I decided to give the Beta a try. And yes, if my brand new car had a catastrophic failure that resulted in me crashing - yes, I would swear off the brand. Just like if I ever had any appliances and electronics that caught fire. Unfortunately, with something like a YetiStand most every failure can be catastrophic since each part is essential to the whole. And yes, it is not a life threatening failure, but it can be a costly one. I do have to commend Bandai on the durability. I had the strike packs and missiles on it with the gun+strap in hand. Nothing seemed to break. Things popped off, but they all came off in the ways intended. I would be absolutely !$&%! if the valkyrie had broken. Thankfully it seems OK so this is just a lesson learned. I didn't post this to try to keep people from buying YetiStand nor do I intend to post anything in that thread. I posted more to share my frightening experience of seeing what looked like a shattered DX that proved to be more durable than I expected when I first started looking at the scene. YetiStands make for beautiful displays. Maybe just some cautious advice to sit your new Yeti configuration on the floor or the middle of a table for a day or so to ensure that everything is stable. It does tend to take a couple of tries to get the tightness correct and a fall of a few inches is better than falling a few feet.
  3. Yup. Two metal washers and the rubber washer on all the joints. The break isn't in the joint. It's in the bend of the elbow.
  4. Yeah, it was the elbow. It broke right along the bend. The break was oriented perpendicular to the ground.
  5. After an hour of putting together my new YetiStand I put my Strike VF-1S gerwalk mode on it. I then went to clean up my mess only to have my VF-1 take a 3.5' plunge to the floor! It hadn't been on the shelf for more than 2 minutes when the elbow joint snapped cleanly in half. The thing went to pieces. Missiles, gun, leg armor and even the unattached legs themselves littered the debris field. Thankfully it doesn't look like anything got broken - at least nothing that I've found yet. As much as I like the look of YetiStands I will no longer be using it after this. The included stand may be ugly, but it is stable and durable.
  6. Had a great transaction with @nathans82. Great communication! Highly recommended!
  7. I listed my VF-1J in the sales section if anyone is interested.
  8. SOLD - DX VJ-1J Thank you
  9. I'm done now that I picked up a Strike Pack set from Amazon. I'll have an extra set to put up for sale once NY ships my 12/2019 order in 4/2020. Unless they come up with a creative way to delay it even further.
  10. Problems I had with the 1/48s were a pinkie that broke off almost immediately (hated those tiny skeletal poseable hands, but I hate swapping hands even more), a foot that was installed backwards and the cover of the missile section of the FAST Packs constantly falling off. I don't recall any yellowing on the 1/48s I had, but the v1 1/160s I still had at the time had yellowed. The only v1 I still have has literally crumbled in the box. I worry a lot about the longevity of my collection since it seems like this stuff just isn't built to last. Not a great thought given the price of all this stuff.
  11. Prime is sold. Megatron is still available
  12. The Yamato 1/48 looks good in fighter mode except for the low hanging arms. I never liked that aspect of it. Nor did I like the skinny biceps or tiny skeletal poseable hands of the battroid. Although, I have to say that the Low Vis VF-1A was a highpoint. Great looking color scheme, white gunpod and a beautiful pilot figure! I regret very few of the many things I sold over the years, but that is certainly one of them. Never was much of a fan of the 1/60 for multiple reasons, but was happy to see that they were finally printing at least some of the markings.
  13. Does anyone know the total dimension of the side/back panels for a single FEXT set? For example, to be used to line the back of a cabinet as is being discussed here.
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