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  1. cant keep up with macross mecha collection! : )

  2. cool dio macrossman! i luv them.. i hope to have that kind of set-up for my 1/48s!
  3. Awesome GuyS! thanks for sharing the pics and the videos!!!!
  4. add minee too... stealth rox! ive applied some customs stickers..
  5. OMG.. that sucks.. i understand that part is quite thin but didnt came to my mind that it can break like that.. maybe u can ask at yamato.com is they can replace that part for u..
  6. next best thing.. definitely for me is TAKA TOYS stickers! Yay!
  7. i became a macross fan because of the DYRL movie thats the only macross anime that i watched and i dun really understand the plot of the story its just that the fighter plane that transforms into robot that is really cool... and my neighbor has a vf-1 valk n i dont have any... i envy him.. i had watched robotech on tv a bit here n there but i only remember the mospeada cyclones n legios alpha but none about the VF-1's in that cartoon.... weird...
  8. Auto Pilot Off

    Thunder Hammer

    amazing!!.. is this exclusive for EXO only??? hehehehehehehe i envy...
  9. Great!!! fast packs!!! it seems that the small missile pods is not included? and the cover doesnt open for the leg armor? too early to tell..... i hope that they make the part "BP8" a lot stronger as we encountered some problems in 1/48s... so that we can leave it in battroid with fast packs n pose it around without any worry for cracks or breakages.. thanks graham!
  10. Oh yeah.... thanks for the scans graham!! Good job yamato!!
  11. any of u guys seen this? DMZ-06 from amazon.jp
  12. i suggest you hurry get these 25th anniversary valk coz b4 the 26th anniversay comes they will be all gone or inflated prices ... no regrets getting these 2.. its gonna be like the low vis ver1.
  13. anyone of u guys bought the dmz-05? it seems that its already out in the market..
  14. OMG! why the is the visor green? aaarrggghh!!!
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