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  1. That's so easy I'm surprised you even asked the question, that's because the Ewoks are sophisticated little lying shits. They'll go ahead and make the brutish outlanders think their little tricks are impressive. Just act like a bunch of fangirls and go: "Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" All the while, masking their force signatures, and no one is the wiser that they are sitting amidst a bunch of psychotic little evil monsters who slaughtered innocent stormtroopers, who suddenly couldn't aim worth crap against the little buggers, although they seem to aim pretty well to be able to blast Leia in the arm. I take you back to TNH when Han was busy getting his ass shot at by stardestroyers, what was he doing? That's right, busy making calculations so they don't jump into [insert your disaster here]. If there is a so call built in safety feature as suggested, then logic would suggest that Han jump immediately, because it gets him immediately out of range. Then he just set up a new course once this safety feature pulls him out of hyperspace. But I suppose it's easier to chalk it up to the inconsistencies of the writers in this case.
  2. Oh, and one other thing I've been meaning to gripe about in regards to the Mel Brooks Space Nazis; you have a 60 km mothership that doesn't have a frigging interdictor field? Geez, that's canon and old tech too. The only thing I can't decide is which side is more tactically incompetent, the rebels or the imperials. (Yeah, I know FO and Resistance... whatever)
  3. Speaking of RoTJ. The perfectly logical explanation on why the Ewoks were able to best Imperial stormtroopers and survive the obvious global disaster of having the death star explode in orbit is that those little f***ers were all force sensitive. So much so that they were able to hide it from Vader, Luke, and even Palpatine. They only took casualties to make things "look good" for the other combatants. If the others knew the true power of the Ewoks, they would all flee in horror from Endor and never return.
  4. Yamato 2202

    Thank God, it was interesting how they strapped that fighter with a ton of mechs. Looks like some weird sort of special ops. And I saw, Talan bro #1 didn't survive, they had Talan bro #2 on deck.
  5. Red Sparrow (March 2018)

    If 40+ Charlize Theron can pull it off, so can JLaw. That said, I wouldn't mind if they did Atomic Blonde 2. Cause the first one was pretty entertaining.
  6. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    are you really just watching GSD for the first time? I remember watching that show a decade plus ago, it was pretty horrible. I swear they were trying to do a version of Zeta Gundam, and finally said screw it, we're just going to use the old characters again and yammer on and on about how war is bad, and peace is good.... but oh by the way, we have the biggest frigging guns on the baddest mech you're going to find anywhere, just because we can. the only Gundam I've watched lately is Gundam the Origin; it is pretty good. even if they did keep trying to retconn more Feddie mobile suits into the mix
  7. My bad, yep, tried #1, and booted direct from a USB. The repair didn't help, kept coming back with a system can't be repaired message. I figure the fresh install is the other option, I guess the good thing is that I already backed up all the data. I guess I need o look at the Dell site for the drivers... geez, knew I should've just bought a Mac. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks
  8. Ok, I need to get some help here, I have an older PC (2012 Dell XPS tower) and it went through a Windows 10 update recently (unwanted), and now, my computer is stuck in the repair loop, and can never get clear. I've scoured the web, and still can't find a solution, when I use a boot media, the stupid thing doesn't want let me repair the unit. I think the only thing left to do is a full reinstall. But the damn thing doesn't let me reinstall from the boot media, and I don't know how to do it from the hard drive since it just goes into this idiot repair loop. Anybody have any ideas? (full disclosure, I upgraded from win 7 to win 10, yes, I was a moron)
  9. Yamato 2202

    Only if Talen Bro #1 manages to survive the incident.
  10. Yamato 2202

    Yeah, the Keyman/Kinman thing is kind of weird, you do have to wonder who he is exactly. I figure by now most people would've seen the ep, hopefully the Dessler portions coming up in 11 through 14 is more interesting. I note how many of his ships were Gamilas from the preview, I wonder where those came from.
  11. but how would it look if the rebels, resistance, something that starts with r begin to go light speed with all their worthless vessels to blow up the first order ships. It would instantly make the FO a joke of a threat, because their vaunted capital ships would be just wiped out with a bunch of cheap junkers.
  12. Yamato 2202

    Ok, finally watched the translated version, my original opinion on episode 7 stands:
  13. By the way, I forgot about the most famous group of all, the infamous knights of Ren. Weren’t they just awesome in this movie? Huh huh? cant wait till we see more of those badasses in ep IX.
  14. You bastard, Mr. Iger wants his money, where is his money, man? You better be spending a ton of money on the Jedi milk set, cause we only get royalties. better buy a ton of those or Mr. Iger and his buddy Mr. Cook are gonna track you down.
  15. I think the main problem with the current trilogy is the fact that the transition is really poor. There was a good amount of lore between the prequel and the original series that was built up, so it feels like there is almost no gap. With the new trilogy, we went from the downfall of the empire to the First Order and the Resistance, and the Republic, and they haven't bothered to try to fill in what happened. How did the heroes of the original become such a sad lot in life. The idea of who was Snoke and the rise of the First Order is all embedded in this. The continuity was from the characters, but what has happened to them is still not a good enough filler for the backstory. I think the richness that is potentially missing is something that Disney need to work to fill. May be another cartoon about how the first Order and Snoke came about, or some such thing. Say what you will about the Prequels, but it helped really to universe build and put Palpatine on the map, even if the original Palpatine was not much different, he had gravitas. Snoke was almost like a toss away. I think it was a good move, but that's one backstory that could be interesting.
  16. Oh yes, definitely need more humor, more diversity, more gender equality.... The modern star wars should be a social /political commentary... not a ****ing scifi movie. That way we can attract a large and diverse audience, so marvelous Disney can make more money. Still, there were enough worth while scenes to make it worth while. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this is a Disney film? As for the jest about the Disney film, it's not a bad thing if you happen to be a share holder.
  17. Both Bob Iger and all the Disney shareholders thank you for making the decision to watch again, and the same applies to all the wonderful people who spent money more than once to watch the wonderful movie that is TLJ. We urge all those who viewed the movie only once to go again and see what you missed the first time, and then again to make sure you get all the easter eggs we spent so much time putting in. Thank you all, except for Azrael, who needs to go to the damn movies that Disney is making, be it Pixar, Disney animation, Marvel, Star Wars, even the crap from Johnny Depp instead of what he is doing now. Gawd, I feel like a mouthpiece for Disney.
  18. You bastard, that was before Disney took over Marvel. Now, Mr. Iger is going to be on the look out for you, one of the few who have not paid your dues and sacrificed your first born at the alter of the Mouse. Next thing you're going to say is that you didn't watch Frozen. How dare you. That is practically sacrilegious.
  19. You know, I think Disney geared TLJ to the Millenials, which I think is just fine, after all, those guys will have more earnings over a longer period to milk than the GenXers. I figure as long as our majesty, Bob Iger continues to milk these franchises for all their worth, I think I'd be happy, after all, any tickets to Disney based movies just go to the shareholders as dividends. So, I'm all for everyone who watches the movie, whether they hate it or not. Except you, Azrael, for shame, need to go pay and watch that movie, and pad the pockets of the stockholders.
  20. The out with the old and in with the new vibe is interesting. It's kind of ironic that one of the things that there is this mock book burning/destruction of history thing going on here, and this kill the last generation mentality. Feels like a movie geared toward a certain generation as they tell the boomers and the Xers that their time is done, it's time for them to go away. It came up in the trailer right? "Let the past die, kill it." It actually sums up the passing of the torch nicely.
  21. Yamato 2202

    Nice, if the WMG don't work, we'll ram the enemy like a knife.
  22. Jurassic World

    well, we can blame those evil doers at Google for that one. After all, they have to monetize Youtube somehow, and let's face it, it's not as if you aren't going to watch. Muhahahahaha (not sure if that's how Page or Brin really laughs, but I'm pretty sure that's how Schmidt laughs)
  23. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    The sad truth is Mirage didn't get enough development, it was still leaps and bounds compared to 90% of the other characters. She is the first Jenius that wasn't exactly a genius at anything. The fact that she had to carry her family name and live up to impossible expectations could have been great for her development, a Jenius that isn't much more skilled than a grunt in the Macrossverse, it's like saying the sun suddenly didn't rise in the east any more. This could have been excellent in so many ways. But in the end, they went with a classic pretend love triangle that was quite frankly flat in my opinion. I would have for once like to see a Macros series not be so focused on a triangle. But Delta blew it.