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  1. Yamato 2202

    my apologies, I should've slapped spoilers on this.... hope the story goes back on track for the next 4.
  2. Yamato 2202

    OMG, what have they done to the series. Ep 13 was a waste of time, all this backstory about Goland and crap, why bother if you're just going to kill them, I honestly couldn't give a flying F*** about these nobodies. What was the point of wasting essentially ten minutes on this episode of the Galantean clones of stupidity. Then, we spend another five minutes with F***ing emo Kodai, at this point, I just wish he died, you know, I'm pretty sure the idea of not using the WMG to save yourself against an evil horde would count as stupidity. If Starsha is interested in saving the moronic, well, she can go hang herself. Ep 14 had basically one good point, Desslar showing up, otheirwise, another throwaway general that I don't give a crap about. Then there is a land battle that was just a massacre of idiots. This is a big contrast to 2199, where even minor characters like Dietz had at least an interesting back story. With 2202, the enemy may as well be robots, cause we just don't care at all when they die. I quite liked 2199, 2202 as a story basically sucks. I know they have to do something to puff up Gatlantis, and drive model sales, but not at the expense of the story. Hey guys who are writing 2202, take a lesson from Gundam the Origin, there is not nearly as much combat, but it's an awesome OVA because of the fantastic story.
  3. Alright, Sideshow Bob and Disney thanks you. Remember, there will be a special uncut edition coming out sometime down the road, we strongly encourage you to buy that one too. There, we'll get extrapolated scene of what if Rey was Kylo's sister and he frenched her. OMG, I just saw that picture up there, cut out my eyes, I can't unsee it.
  4. Yamato 2202

    Central Anime is out with ep 11 and 12 subs.
  5. The interesting thing is that all this image depict is Thanos with two jewels. He needs the reality, mind, and time gems, not to mention the soul gems. No one knows where the soul gem is, but it looks like Thanos is getting his foursome to take down Vision and Strange, so that's two. The collector has the reality gem, but my guess is, Thanos will persuade him to hand it over. I can see Thanos possibly getting four gems by the end of the movie, The open question is where is the soul gem, I don't think it's in Wakanda. Although you never know, seems like that attack was nothing but a distraction so the foursome can take down Vision and the mind gem. My WAG is that the post credit scene is Thanos getting the reality gem from Tevan, and then he'll just have one to go. There is still two movies before the second installment of Infinity wars, still time for the soul gem to pop up in time for Thanos to borrow it. As for death, asides from Loki, I nominate Hawkeye (no need for him any more), Heimdall, and Valkyrie, I think the last two are entirely appropriate since Thanos was going to be coming aboard their ship.
  6. Well, can't just cull the two Peters, both just got done with their first movies, we need to milk those guys for the next few years on cameos and avengers movies and such. As for the Steves, well, one of them at least needs to be culled because his contract is up, and let's face it, he is probably getting a tad expensive, time to get some new indie talent that doesn't cost as much. Have we all seen how much Robert is getting paid? Crazy.
  7. That and the Peter/Strange interaction, both were hilarious. And you can easily see Drax come in with some really inappropriate comments about his nipples at some point. I think they need to take a bit out of the Thor movie and realize that they shouldn't take themselves too seriously. That's the one thing I worry about, the fact that Marvel keeps using the idea that the stakes couldn't be any higher this time. (until the next time that is) One thought, I hope they kill Loki from the start, it'll be fantastic, because it'll start thinning out the Marvel herd a little, and give Thor some degree of motivation.
  8. Of course it will, Disney will make mad money, and they'll do it just buy selling all those EW covers, buy them all. Collector items, just like the comics. How dare you doubt the power of sideshow Bob who started all this by buying Marvel. Honestly though, I think I'm satisfied with the trailer, it all goes downhill from here. Just look at TLJ, and Ultron.
  9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Pretty much. The whole thing I got from this little tidbit was when Dumbledore said something about not being able to move against Grindelwald. Sounds like he's slacking off again. I can't kill voldie, has to be you. The final bit of music actually confused me for a split second into thinking Avengers.
  10. For me, the only way Rey is a compelling Skywalker is if she is Luke and Leia's secret daughter. Seriously, like Benny boy says, it's time to let the past die. Too bad he doesn't realize he is a part of that so called past.
  11. It's ok, just let Disney work its magic, and you'll like it again. Remember, if it confuses you at first, just go watch the movies in theater a couple more times, and then buy the Blu Ray. Or better yet, just rent the movie over and over on Amazon. Disney will surely reward you for this. (well, as long as you own Disney stock) Side show Bob and his minions would thank you.
  12. There are good parts about this movie as long as you can overlook the obvious flaws. The Rey/Kylo/Skywalker development was actually decent. That they offed Snoke and cleared up a bunch of fan speculations of who is Snoke, his origins, and who are Rey's parents is fantastic. Hopefully this is all at face value and may be set up to end the Skywalkers in episode IX. Let's just hope they have the guts to kill off Benny boy, it will end the travesty of Lucas and his family drama, because honestly, who cares. I think this is the best part of TLJ. The beginning of the end for the Skywalkers. Unless they do something stupid like Rey is Luke or Leia's secret daughter or some such crap. As for the rest of the plot holes, the misused characters, let's just say it's no worse than anything associated with the prequels. Sure, the whole pursuit bit, the poorly orchestrated space battles, and all the other crap is all bullshit, again, who cares. I actually think the novelization did a better job here. But if this trilogy ends the Skywalkers. I'll be happy. If you ask me, Rogue One, even for all of its flaws, is better than TLJ. If they only didn't have Vader. We don't need no force, just people blowing crap up will do.
  13. Christopher Robin

    Hoping for Disney's version of Ted. This is Pooh after he's aged, bitter, and cynical. For Pooh: Piglet = bacon Eeyore = beast of burden that hauls his stuff around, to be beaten into submission at the drop of a hat. Tigger = the sucker he makes fun of, who is just happy being blithely unaware And don't get me started on Christoper Robin.
  14. Yamato 2202

    May be it's all a big fake out. We all know how Soto and Kodai became BFF in the original series. But may be what they'll end up here is having a duel to the death in this series. Yep, that's my official theory now. Big fake out.
  15. simple, because they want to maximize the amount of revenue for both movies. The more those movies overlap, the more likely that people only goes to one of those, not both. and you're right, they do own Fox movies studios now... or is that still ongoing?
  16. Yes, the might Disney is here to squeeze some more money out of you. Because you know, 2nd quarter's gotta look good. One more week of Avengers in theater is probabl y a few million more bucks they can report for the year. And I think they are doing it to avoid the May 18th release of Deadpool. Can you imagine Mr. Wilson going to town on these clowns.
  17. The one thing I hope for with this movie is that there is no tie in with the Rebellion. Please, no young Han Solo meeting young Leia or some such bullshit. I don't know what the plot is, but I hope it's just about Han Solo out for #1.
  18. Death Wish (2018)

    they need to do Die Hard X: Just Die Already. Wonder if Willis will ever do a serious movie like... like... oh, what's that one where he is dead.
  19. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    yeah no kidding, was there some structural defect, or poor maintenance? I once worked with a guy who had experience doing maintenance and forward deployments with the Apaches, he told me that the mechanics hate those birds, they were maintenance intensive as heck, and after every few months of operation, they virtually had to rebuild the bird from the ground up, the only thing they wouldn't have replaced was the airframe itself, the rotors, the canopies, everything would get stripped. Most of them wished the army just stuck with the Cobras and never went with the AH-64s, because the former was apparently much more robust.
  20. Ah, they went with the retro version of the infinity gauntlet series cover on the poster. Hopefully, Thanos doesn't kick the bucket at the end of two movies. Cause, Disney has got to milk MCU for all its worth. Although the poster just doesn't seem to capture the majesty of the original series, because in that one, Thanos literally became a god, and took down all of the big cheese in the marvel universe.
  21. What was truly impressive was when SpaceX first landed its rocket on a ship. That was awesome. I admit the dual landing yesterday looked fantastic, but I was thinking the water landing was more so. It was too bad that the center booster yesterday didn't land, that would've been spectacular. What's most impressive about Musk is the fact that he has turned the traditional launch industry on its head. Sure, he is burning through money to get to where things are, but who could've dreamed when Musk started Space X that he is where he is today. He was up against ULA, which was a behemoth in the industry. I wonder when Jeff Bezos is going to step up and put more rockets up from Blue Origin, I hope that ULA gets a third competitor, because those guys have been way too old school, and not in a good way. This way, they can either survive, or they can go the way of the dinosaurs. But for NASA, this is just a great thing. I'm really looking forward to when Space X strap on four boosters to the main core, that's going to be a whooping 45 engines on the rocket. Hopefully we'll get back to the moon at least within the next decade.
  22. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    all I have to say is: HOLY crap... very nice.
  23. That's so easy I'm surprised you even asked the question, that's because the Ewoks are sophisticated little lying shits. They'll go ahead and make the brutish outlanders think their little tricks are impressive. Just act like a bunch of fangirls and go: "Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" All the while, masking their force signatures, and no one is the wiser that they are sitting amidst a bunch of psychotic little evil monsters who slaughtered innocent stormtroopers, who suddenly couldn't aim worth crap against the little buggers, although they seem to aim pretty well to be able to blast Leia in the arm. I take you back to TNH when Han was busy getting his ass shot at by stardestroyers, what was he doing? That's right, busy making calculations so they don't jump into [insert your disaster here]. If there is a so call built in safety feature as suggested, then logic would suggest that Han jump immediately, because it gets him immediately out of range. Then he just set up a new course once this safety feature pulls him out of hyperspace. But I suppose it's easier to chalk it up to the inconsistencies of the writers in this case.