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  1. Hi everyone, I got my replacement legs from HLJ, and already swapped in the correct right foot I needed. I now have an extra LEFT foot for anyone who might need one. Not the entire leg, just the foot as pictured. This can be swapped with a little patience (it's how I did mine) Anyone who needs it, free of charge, just pay shipping. If you do want it, I just ask that you confirm you need the LEFT foot in Battroid mode.
  2. Wow...been a real long time since I posted here! It can be disassembled! It's not the easiest thing, and it's a little scary, but it can be done. Without opening the leg either. You need to utilize both ankle rockers, and angle the ankle as far to one side as you can. There are two screws on the ankle rocker, one easily accessible near the rear toes, and one up higher. It just BARELY peeks out from the leg. You gotta flex that inner leg shaft some, but you can get a screwdriver in there. The screwdriver will still be at a bit of an angle, so use a good one, a
  3. Like the title says, got the original 2010 release Hi-Metal VF-1J for sale, $SOLD. Upgrading to the HMR, and just don't need two. Figure is in very good condition. It has the usual slight discoloration of the soft plastic biceps, plus a small scratch in the black paint just forward of the canopy. There may be ever so slight discoloration to a few more of the parts, but I think it's actually that some pieces (the opening back panel for example) are just cast in a brighter white plastic. Just wanted to throw it out there in case. I've also tightened up the ankle and shoulder ball joints with
  4. Hi all, Looking for an intact Hasegawa VF-0D decal sheet, but will definitely take the whole kit for the right price. Looking to spend around $20 shipped in the US. Let me know if you can help.
  5. SOLD Hi All, Looking to sell my old Yamato VF-0S to upgrade to Arcadia's. Buyer pays actual shipping by USPS Priority Mail, I will ship with or without the box. Valk has been opened, transformed a handful of times, and some stickers are applied. This is the very first original release, bought brand new and opened by me, and has been displayed all these years. Shoulders/arms are unbroken and intact. When news first came out of the breakages, I immediately removed the rubber pieces from my still intact shoulders. I then added in some styrene bits to re-tighten the joint, and they've held
  6. Hey everyone, Ijust got around to picking up this mold today (Wings ver). When transforming to Gerwalk, that big sliding joint that reveals the little machine gun, is it supposed to lock in the extended position? The whole upper body on mine just slowly slides back down. It seems to have a shallow lock in the retracted/ fighter mode position, which seems counter intuitive to me
  7. Jarrod

    Hi-Metal R

    Went to Tamashii Nations today, amd saw these in person. VF-4 amd VF-0A were early, fixed pose fighter mode only painted up resin samples. The VF-2 however appeared to be a fully transformable resin proto, and appeared to be perfect transformation. The hip bar transformation mechanism was visible, and looked sturdy. All the transfortion joints in the arms and chest/ back were visuble, as well as the sliders for the rear stabilizer pods. Landing gear appeared to be pop out and replace like the VF-1. Scuplt looked great, except the head, which was a little narrow, with very straight up antennas
  8. Jarrod

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    Haha, nope, there was an employee guarding it. Not that I saw, but at this stage, ot doesnt surpirse me there werent any...it didnt even have any joints at all, just a big fixed pose figure.
  9. Jarrod

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    Saw it in person today. Its huge, however, it was clearly a very early resin test sample: solid parts, no joints, etc. However, there were lights in the visor, shoulder light things, bay doors on the legs....and maybe the gunpod. No other info or pics were ar the event, other than it being listed as DX Chogokin. The scuplt did look very promising though!
  10. Jarrod

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    Saw it in person today. Its huge, however, it was clearly a very early resin test sample: solid parts, no joints, etc. However, there were lights in the visor, shoulder light things, bay doors on the legs....and maybe the gunpod. No other info or pics were ar the event, other than it being listed as DX Chogokin. The scuplt did look very promising though!
  11. And likewise, the VF-25G I got from SuperHobo was in excellent condition for a very reasonable price!
  12. SOLD!!! Hi everyone, Don't post here often anymore, but got an extra VF-25S renewal to let go. This is the most recent reissue, opened, transformed 2-3 times, and displayed for a few months. Still in very new condition, no paint chips, joints are all still nice and snug! I did need to tighten the right shoulder ball joint, it was floppy straight from the box. Hips and ankles are still super solid. Comes 100% complete, extra hands, hard plastic lasers and Ranka are still unused, sealed in the baggies. Box is also in like new condition. USPS Priority Mail is included in the price for
  13. Ok, Cool thanks. I knew I remembered something about a mix up, just couldn't remember the exact details.
  14. Hi guys, I just got a used Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Max Ver 2 and see that it has a black heat shield on it. Is this normal? I think I might remember that it mistakenly came with one a few years ago....but it's been a while and I'm not sure.
  15. Like the title says, looking for an unused 1/60 VF-1 Ver 2 sticker sheet or decal sheet. Don't care if it's Yamato or Arcadia, as long as it's the DRYL style. PM with offers please
  16. While I already have mine, a US based retailer that could offer guaranteed pre-orders for Bandai's Macross stuff at reasonable prices would be something a welcome addition I'd say.
  17. Bought a G1 Hound from Jasonc, for a ridiculously good price. It arrived fast and in the condition exactly as described! Would definitely buy from him again.
  18. I do ship international yes, but only Priority Mail or EMS. If you're interested, PM me with your location, and I can give you some shipping quotes.
  19. SOLD Let me start out first by saying that this Valk is discolored/yellowed!! I've tried to take pics of it as best as possible, but it just does not show up well in photos. It's mostly on the upper/front of the Battroid mode, and most notable on the chest plate at upper chest pieces. Here's some of the best photos I could capture: Again, it looks better in the pics than it does in person! Now that that is out of the way, here's the rest of the basics: Besides the yellowing, Valkyrie is in great condition. 100% complete with all parts, missiles, gunstrap (no pictured), etc. There are
  20. Awesome thanks! Just bought it. You ever used them before?
  21. Looking for the one seen attached, not the larger more toy-like one. I know these are not that common, and I really don't want pay $100 or more for it. Looking for something more around the $50 ish range. Anyway, un-built is preferred, but I'll take a complete, built one with stickers applied or unapplied, as long as there is NO painting done. Needs box and instructions as well. Jarrod
  22. Both still available. Lowered the prices a bit. Going to ebay this weekend if no one bites.
  23. Been a while since I've posted anything over here.... Anyway, there's gotta be someone out there who doesn't want to pay $300 for the new YF-19 right? I'm in the US, looking for Paypal only, and not looking for any trades. US Priority Mail IS included in prices. I should be on the straight Shooters list here, otherwise I have great feedback at TFW2005 (same name) 1/60 YF-19 w/ Fast Packs: $150 shipped w/o box, $165 with Box. YF-19 has been displayed for a number of years and transformed a handful of times. Some stickers have been applied, and are in great condition. Comes will all parts, in
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