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  1. yeah, they look great, but I've already got these kits. A new set of decals and paint scheme isn't worth my time, or money, especially now that I'm back in school. Now, a new valk? That would make me lay down some money... especially for a VF-11B. Hear that Hasegawa? Especially for a Thunderbolt!
  2. Very cool stuff! Man, I'm really looking forward to this one....
  3. Ack.... Between this and RE4, I think I am finally going to break down and buy a gamecube.... And I'd resisted the Nintendo bug for so long....
  4. Been gone for a bit, but I'm interested... put me down for one.
  5. Very nice. Make more. Can never have too many BGC wallpapers....
  6. Man... that thing is going to be HUGE!!! Frankly, I'd be surprised if it went for less than 200 bucks...
  7. Sexay! Nice, very nice.... Great other stuff too! Very impressive....
  8. Isn't it by a sexy pose-off? Something like that....
  9. Very nice! I like the choice of colors...
  10. Super nice! Very clean and well executed colorscheme, too... I like....
  11. I remember seeing it (and voting for it), but I long since recorded over the tape.... Frankly, I love the show. Like it better than most of the Adult Swim fare..... Anyone see the return of Magnanimous? The robot Elvis with boomstick and chainsaw was just too damn cool....
  12. I rented it for a dollar, and thought the show was about worth that. I loved the character designs and the OP piece, but that alone won't make me buy the DVD for 30 bucks.... I'll wait to see more before I make a final call, though.
  13. I was just about to list that one. Too bad they didn't make a windows version... Unless they did, and I missed it. The X-Com Collectors Edition (had X:UD, X:TFtD, and X:A) was windows enabled. I had to get a direct draw patch for XP, though.... 2K ran it fine.... You know the one thing I always wanted but never got? The ability to nail an alien with the butt of your weapon to dash it to the ground.... I always hated turning a corner and being face to face with a Muton, and there I was with a single plasma shot to try and get the bastard down.... TFtD wasn't as bad, as you had the thermal lances to help....
  14. Heh... long list. Maybe. Shin Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown II) Soul Calibur II, et al. Street Fighter Alpha 2 X-Com: UFO Defense X-Com: Terror From the Deep Civilization III Rogue Spear (LAN only, though) Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 10 (didn't like 9) Final Fantasy Tactics Disgaea Star Wars: Battlefront (might wear off soon, though) Tekken 3 (best of the lot, afaic) Rival Schools, Justice Gakuen 2 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Dragon's Lair I & II (got these on DVD now) That's all I can think of now....
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