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Takatoku Toys Macross Keshigomu Collection


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Takatoku Toys Macross Keshigomu Collection

Beyond the deluxe 1/55 "Diecast/Plastic Scale Model & High Technology" toys and their micronized 1/100 versions....Takatoku Toys also released 3D interpretations of Macross mecha at more affordable price points....there was the 1/144 Macross Collection lineup that included a few VF-1s and all of the Destroids fabricated almost entirely in diecast....if those were still too pricey, they also offered a series of plastic toys in their "Henkei" line...all of which were fully transformable...albeit with questionalble end results....a step below the Henkeis was the realm of vinyl....this line was basically action figures with minimum articulation...and just as you may have thought Takatoku Toys could not possibly offer anything "cheaper"...they did...

As far as I know, Takatoku Toys ventured into the keshigomu toy domain with a few releases for their Macross line. 

The first I will showcase are the three "clear" cases.  The cases came in three sizes and from largest to smallest were named Macross Super Robo Set, Macross Robo Case, and the tiny Macross Power Case.

Each one of these cases comes with an assortment of Keshigomu figurines in a variety of sizes.  There were other players looking to get their piece of the "rubber eraser" market during the SDFM era, namley Ohsato and Seika Note, however, Takatoku released one keshigomu that sets them apart from their competition.  The one figure that for whatever reason Takatoku Toys decided to mold was that of the Gnerl Fighter.  The Gnerl Fighter was not made in any of the various Ohsato or Seika Note sets.  Sort of odd, but interesting.  Personally, I think character figurines would have been a better way of setting their releases apart, but that would have to wait until after they went out of business via Bandai's Hi-Complete Models...more info on that can be found here...https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/48036-the-curious-case-of-the-red-hi-complete-model-macross-figurines/#comment-1517055


Super Robo Set, Robo Case, and Power Case









HMR VF-1 for size reference...





These are the type of figurines included in each of the cases...the biggest figures are included in the Super Robo Set, which also includes a "parts-forming" figure...which is perhaps the worst officially licensed Macross Valkyrie toy ever made....a high honor as far as I'm concerned! 



It get worse....













Next up will be the Takatoku Toys "Variety Bag"...

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