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Hot from Japan - for kids!


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Quick request, please!

A 14 year old friend of the family wants to know web-sites where he can find out whats hot in Japan toy-wise at the moment - things like Beyblade or Yu-gi-Oh! [1]

Problem is, I also know his mother and don't want to get into trouble if he clicks on the "Gainax Babes" section of HobbyLink Japan or something...! :o

So, anyone know some relatively safe sites for anime-related merchandise I can direct him to?


[1] Whatever those are. Back in my day, we had to be happy with Battle of the Planets and, if we were lucky, noticing that there was a Japanese animator who worked on MASK. Kids today, don't know they're born, mumblemumble... ;)

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14 years old is not a little kid... I guess he should be able to read ToyBoxDx without loosing his sleep.

Anyways usually all the anime stuff is really mixed with adult stuff, sex violence etc.. otherwise how it could be fun at all?

Maybe Sanrio have a website? but I warn you, Sanrio DID produce Hello Kitty Dildos a few years ago...!

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I think I said - its not so much him I'm worried about, its what his mother might do to me if she catches something she doesn't approve of...! :lol:

I'm not used to being a role model... :rolleyes: How do you MWers with your own kids manage it, huh...?! :p

Thanks for the comments, though - I've found a couple of websites ( through ToyBox DX, actually ) that hopefully will fit the bill. If not, I could always send him a Beginners Guide to Japanese...!

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