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Hello all...I am obviously a newb here and my idiocy is why I chose the user name. I have lurked periodically over the years but am not trolling. I'd like help sifting through to find a pretty decent summation of all or most of the mecha (SDF Macross TV/movie) offerings by manufacturer and scale. This site is such a beast and it's hard to dial in them all, ie. Yamato, Arcadai, Bandai, etc. I've already checked out Collection DX, YouTube, etc. I'm mostly concerned with the original Macross series stuff. Yes, the other movies and series has some really awesome stuff, but would like to chime in to the classic first.


Some franchises have a database that list most or try to log all of the generations of the products. Is there something like that here or on another site? Thank you in advance for your help.

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On 7/10/2021 at 2:40 AM, Grey728 said:

You could also visit anymoon.com. @jenius has a pretty extensive list of toys, release dates, original MSRP, etc that could help you. 

Grey728, yes! Thank you for the additional reference. I have since been browsing this site. Jenius' reviews are extremely stellar! 


Thanks again to everyone!

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