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  1. I have the second run or re-release of this toy. It has been so far pretty solid (I hope it stays this way...not to jinx) but I also had an issue with the tail/arm wing. It didn't break, but would not stay connected for transformation. I just open the arm door and tuck the wing base in or out whenever I transform, without the wing, then reconnect it back to the joint once finished with transformation of any mode.
  2. Hello all, I have been browsing a bit at Milia's battle suit and have had quite an interest in Queadluun-Rau for a while. Unfortunately, no green release exists and I was wondering if anyone has disassembled and made a custom of the Bandai Damashii Spirits version of the Rea? I don't know much to anything about the DS line so I'd really appreciate any input please. Video reviews appear to make the figure pretty solid and fun. I have seen customs of the larger Yamato release Also, thank you for posting pictures of her next to other figures for scale... tremendous help.
  3. This could be another thread…”If you HAD to only keep or buy only one SDFM valk, who or why would you choose?” I like all the characters and virtually all of the mecha, enemy included. My issues are for only wanting one or two likely are shared by many you guys first starting out. But for the most part, my issues are pretty complicated, aside of considering the practical issues. I have collected another franchise to it’s hilt and as such I can’t reembark on this crusade as I’d like. But in the instance of say Mospeada or “The New Generation,” it was pretty simple. I easily chose the Scott/Stig Legioss by Sentinel and am very pleased. I also have a Yammy Nora Valk from Macross Zero coming very soon, which I am extremely excited about. These choices were pretty simple because of the few characters and a favorite stood out for which I would elect to get, but with SDF Macross, not easy at all given the number of characters and their variants painted across films (SDFM, DYRL, and Flashback) whom I collectively like. Not to mention that the mecha parts are scattered around in different kits costing a lot. I have my favorite picks but a couple have not yet been released. I’m holding out, but will likely wind up like our friend the dead Zentraedi soldier holding the Minmay doll in the desert from the series.
  4. Good evening everyone, I have browsing these threads for countless hours trying to decide which Valk I should pull the trigger on, as I am only getting ONE or two at best. This decision is up to me of course. But throughout my journey, I have come to envelope a true sympathy for all of you in the sense of how much anguish and stress that has ensued in trying to get these stateside. Also, coupled with the other factors of inflated prices and some minor qc issues. Lastly, which has prompted this post is the acute recognition of the canopy design discrepancy from the line art. Unbelievable. I am truly amazed. I am not too picky but astonished that I missed this and wow what an epiphany. I hope I didn’t rattle too many cages, forgive me…I’ve had a few drinks tonight and felt compelled to comment. I love your company all! I've been learning quite a bit and having fun. Cheers.
  5. I’m new to collecting these toys and products and haven’t done so since I was a kid. I’m also no authority with the whole Harmony Gold license and rights issue, but think I understand that in short: Only HG can offer any SDFM products here in the States. That said, Bandai and the like can only offer them in Japan or places except the US. My first question is from your collecting experiences, for re-issues how do most get the heads up on when they are offered? Do you non-Japanese resident guys just keep checking the online sales sites to see what is new and or rely on friends that frequent magazines and this information is shared here on the boards? My second question is more hypothetical: What do you think the odds are of Bandai producing more reissues with the gamble that US and collectors abroad will again fish from Japanese vendors amidst perhaps greater response from this DX and Hi-Metal R sales, assuming very successful? Yes, very interested in more VF-1, 1/48 goodness. I apologize in advance if this line of questioning is too curt. I am patient and appreciate everyone's help so far with getting me started to join the club. I regret being late to the party and would like to know as much as I can to be effective in purchasing.🙂 Thank you.
  6. Thanks Seti88 for the update. I left some feedback on their Instagram. I'm not surprised they didn't showcase any original series premiers for several reasons but it would've been nice. I'm sure more is soon to come...hopefully soon!
  7. I've always wanted a TV Max when I was a kid. No room in place my now though for it unfortunately. Go for it if you can!
  8. Gotcha. Pretty awesome. Thanks for the link to the art. I completely overlooked it when browsing for something like this on macross2.net this morning. Apologies and thanks for the assistance and education.
  9. Thanks... I assumed that the city build was dispersed throughout the ship, particularly yes the legs and likely some of the torso area. The city is displayed in the models and artwork to reflect what can be observed through the transformation to attack mode. But was curious since the legs are not joined even in cruiser mode. Thank you again for clarification. Looking at the model pic...the area I was unsure about (purple arrows) in line art, seem to be the wall and a door superstructure of the craft. Thus "End of Main Street."
  10. This is embarrassing but I have to ask... In what areas of the SDF are Macross City. Please forgive me as I don't have any of the line art books, but tried finding the info in the specification histories of the mecha postings on many of the Macross resource sites but it doesn't say. I will try to get my hands on books soon. I found member VF-1S (Pat) from Calgary's magnificent 1/2000 and 1/3000 Yamato model today. It seems that the city encompasses the left leg, but I doubt that is actual fact. And if not, how did the citizens move about from one massive area to the other (leg)? There were no connecting tunnels shown in either the movie or show. I can see that the end of "Main Street" has a tunnel, probably off limits to civilians, and military personnel can move about the rest of the ship. Lastly, I am curious about the what seems to be a ramp in the center of the second picture. I don't know what this is. It looks as if it is the area where Hikaru and Misa return to the ship and are watching the city from a vantage and he hears Minmay singing. If this is the case, the scale looks tremendous in the art. Please help. Thanks. Yes I will get my hands on books!
  11. I found this thread this morning, as I am relatively new to this board. Absolutely amazing work. I hope you have managed to get this featured in some media and noticed by Kawamori. Fans all over should see this. It would be an honor to see this in person myself. Everyone else has said it all for me in terms of comments, etc. All I can say is you have a magnificent talent.
  12. This is truly a newb question: What events and when if annually, announce the upcoming releases? Other franchises (American) showcase them through ToyFair, and ComicCon. I see Tamashii will be in New York in a couple of days for ComicCon, I think. But are there other sources to get news of what is around the corner. Many overseas keep up with magazines but I am without this resource and US Google doesn't help much. Thank you
  13. Agree. I really wish decals are available. Any help in this way will be fantastic!
  14. I've searched for hours and need help with a database list for the IMAI releases, please. My wish is to acquire a Claudia LaSalle/Grant figure. Do we know if it even exists? I would be content with a modern 1/12 figure but no such luck. The newly released HG Robotech figures are hideous. Claudia deserves a beautiful rendition for all the Focker fans. I have some painting skills and wouldn't mind trying my hands with a good model. Thanks
  15. Thanks... Hayao isn't my favorite character, I decided to go with him because I typically get scoffed more times than I'd like...and I love to eat! haha These would also be fantastic to see! Meanwhile, in our collecting experiences, I think,..many companies seldom complete the lines to make money.
  16. (Trolling or not...I had a few before the post.) Dear Bandai... Please release: Top Priority 3: Chogokin 1/48 - VT-1 Super Ostritch (DYRL) Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1A Hikaru Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1S Hikaru (DYRL) STRIKE reissue with alternate black heat shield --------------- Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1S Focker (DYRL) Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1J Super Millia (TV) Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1J Super Jenius (TV) ---------- Missile Set for VF-1 reissue Super, and Strike Parts (TV and Movie) re-issue for Chogokin1/48 VF-1 ------ Movie (DYRL) "launch" display stands! Arigato
  17. Grey728, yes! Thank you for the additional reference. I have since been browsing this site. Jenius' reviews are extremely stellar! Thanks again to everyone!
  18. Thanks Spacemanoueuvres! I'm looking reading and looking now...thanks a big help!
  19. Hello all...I am obviously a newb here and my idiocy is why I chose the user name. I have lurked periodically over the years but am not trolling. I'd like help sifting through to find a pretty decent summation of all or most of the mecha (SDF Macross TV/movie) offerings by manufacturer and scale. This site is such a beast and it's hard to dial in them all, ie. Yamato, Arcadai, Bandai, etc. I've already checked out Collection DX, YouTube, etc. I'm mostly concerned with the original Macross series stuff. Yes, the other movies and series has some really awesome stuff, but would like to chime in to the classic first. Some franchises have a database that list most or try to log all of the generations of the products. Is there something like that here or on another site? Thank you in advance for your help.
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