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Vallejo Mecha Color


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Hi there, just wondering if anyone has tried using Vallejo's mecha color line and if it actually does yield more durable paint jobs (or even, paint jobs that survive transformation!).


So far, the only paint I've used that has survived multiple transformations is Duracoat (which is generally used on firearms...) but its really annoying to work with since you have to mix in hardener, use really toxic solvents, wait for 1 week to cure, pay $30 a bottle, etc. 

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The line seems to be a rebranding of the existing colours available so there should be no difference between this and the other lines.  I tried their whites and they are terrible out of the bottle.  It is over thinned to the point that it runs off the model while spraying.  The other colours seem fine.

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I think Vallejo are a great paint to use. IN terms of performance the Mecha colors are really no different than the rest of the vallejo air line other than the colors that are more tailored to the Gundam U. The Matte Varnish tends to be a little thick and needs a little thinning.

The most convenient part of the Vallejos is definitely the dropper bottle that allows super easy use with the airbrush. I wish Tamiya acryls came in dropper bottles too :0


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