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Arcadia Reactive Armor swap to Yamato..?


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I don't have either (Yamato VF-0 or Arcadia Reactive Armor) but from what I've read, the general consensus is that it would be challenging.  The chest width is the biggest obstacle.  If I recall correctly, it's wider on the Yamato toy so you'd need to find a way to modify the parts on the RA to fit it, which would likely involve cutting the RA in half and adding some extra plastic. 

I guess if you're up for that sort of modification, all the other parts would likely be doable in terms of fitting it.

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Just purchased the reactive armor set from Bolt and did some work to my Yamato VF-0S to get the armor to fit decently for display only. :)

the only thing i really had to do was remove the entire chest plate for the Yammie VF-0. Since the reactive armor chest plate covers it anyways, no point having it if you are using it for display purposes like me. it doesn't click in or stay, but will sit on the cockpit just fine. 

Arm Armor fits perfectly and backpack slides on decently. Tabs don't click in place. 

the biggest issue is the legs, the leg fins are too large to fit the leg armor flush so it can hold 3 sides of the leg armor on, but the back piece can only attach at the bottom so there's a visible gap. All in all - looks 90% good enough in my display cabinet!! 

Reactive Armor 1 Display.jpg

Reactive Armor 2 Back.jpg

Reactive Armor 3 Side.jpg

Reactive Armor 4 Removed Chest Plate.jpg

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