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Not Macross - Holiday modeling

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Have not been modeling for  a while , need to  practice 3D skills. Showing my age , this was my first Scifi kit model I ever build. Fort those who don't recognise this , it's a Angle Interceptor from Captain Scarlet TV show.




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I use Rhino3D , and I model in NURBS , old school . Try Blender it is free,  a very good polygon modeler.Lots of help videos and lots users .

I come from an engineering back ground , so I like CAD tools . I use Cinema4D to render .

I also do a lot 3D printing , more engineering stuff . 

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How'd This get by me unseen!

Captain Scarlet Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the Angel-I always reminded me of an A-4 crossed with an F-16 and just enough Sci-Fi to keep it subtle.

One of my Favorite designs of all-time! Can't wait to see it finished!


That's a gorgeous Angel-Interceptor so far, @Rodavan! Keep it up!

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