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1/72 (really 1/100 IMO) arii glaug build w/mods


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One of the better looking kits from back in the day.  As most of know that this is really scaled more like 1/100 rather than the stated 1/72.   I'm doing a bunch of mods to make this a fixed dynamic pose rather than as designed.  The kit has a great vintage look and with a little sprucing up I think it can look really good while maintaining a nostalgic look to it.   Some of the mods are so I can achieve the fixed pose I want,   and some are to mod detail or simply restore detail.   These kits were not always really well thought out in regard to building with seam lines running thru details etc,  but it's a fun challenge for playing around with downtime,  of which I have very little of so I have been playing with this kit for over a year here and there to even get this far. 

One of the things that I have found that I really like for these old kits is using small acrylic spheres to make faux ball joints,  faux in the sense that they are not functional but work for making a fixed pose.   I have tons of them purchased in bulk from US Plastics.  Using Weld on 16 they bond really well with the sytrene.   I will also be using them to replace the "sensors"  on the legs and engine things as well as the eye,  all of which should have been clear parts in this kit.

For some of the details like the recessed vents in the legs it's really easier to just dremmel out the detail and restore it with plastruct detail as the seam runs impossibly thru the detail panel.  Same will be done with the arm venting.

I never liked the recessed panels they added to the foot ball so I have filled those with apoxie sculpt along with the slot that runs along the track.  This will allow for posing along the left/right axis of the foot.






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