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Papercraft YF-19


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On 11/01/2017 at 11:11 PM, zzj said:

I've been tinkering with the side profile of the YF-19 line art today, trying to simplify the steps to the transformation of the torso and this is the very sketchy result...



Of course this is very very far from something definite, and the presentation is really only meant for my own understanding, but there could actually be something to this. It looks like with some adjustment it may be possible to eliminate a couple of small steps (such as the hip swivel and the fine adjustment to the nose cone for the arcadia) and still maintain, if not slightly improve the battroid proportions.

This will be the last post on my project in this thread, if I decide to pursue this thing I may start another thread in a more appropriate subforum...


Following my ramblings and last post in the Vf-19 advance vs arcadia yf-19 thread as quoted above, I have started learning sketchup in order to attempt to make my own version of the YF-19...

I'm starting this thread to document what may hopefully be the start of a long process...


Why am I doing this?

- I started rambling about the how both bandai and arcadia fell just short of producing what is to my mind, the perfect representation of the yf-19, and it seemed a wasted opportunity.

- This got me thinking about what I would do differently, from minor tweaks to fundamental changes in the conception of the transformation process.

- I finally had a mental construct of my own preferred version of the yf-19 and it nagged me to the extent that I thought I might do something about it.

- Of course the most important underlying impetus was the fact that the yf-19 is the mostest awesomest Kawamori design ever....


Why Papercraft?

- I have access to a basic 3D printer, but this project is mostly an exploration and a statement of intent / proof of concept than a final product...

- I can get to continue to tweak and tinker with the model as I go along more easily with paper than 3D printed plastic, I can even make a VF-19A version eventually...

- It's easier to accomplish

- It's cheaper

- I know nuts about 3D printing


What main differences will my yf-19 feature?

- Less steps involved for transformation, elimination of extraneous ones like the swinging hip joints, knee extension for arcadia, sliding leg covers for bandai etc

- Eliminating add-ons like neck covers, rear thigh infills for arcadia

- Transformation to include 2 rotating seats

- Improved (hopefully) articulation of upper torso especially with the gullet piece

- Moderated expression of the Battroid's look, 80% arcadia chunkiness 20% bandai athleticism.


Ok, I realise I'm probably not going to achieve most of what I set out to do if anything at all, but it's at least a start...



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Oops, set this project on the back burner due to a small matter regarding my wife getting pregnant with my 3rd child (priorities and such).... and I promptly forgot about it.

Now seems like a good time to revisit it, will post pics of test components if and when I get to actually doing something. 

(bumping the thread to keep it alive)


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