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Train to Busan (부산행) proved that South Korea can make a better zombie flick than World War Z. Sure, its US$99 million worldwide box office gross is meager compared to Hollywood films, but it's become the highest-grossing Asian film in Hong Kong and most of Southeast Asia. It's received praise from film critics worldwide.

Official Site

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 95% - "Train to Busan delivers a thrillingly unique -- and purely entertaining -- take on the zombie genre, with fully realized characters and plenty of social commentary to underscore the bursts of skillfully staged action."

And with a success like that, you know what that means: an English adaptation. Following a bidding war, French studio Gaumont has acquired the rights to produce an English-language remake of Train to Busan.

Train to Busan English-Language Remake Rights Go to Gaumont

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This movie was brilliant itself, it REALLY doesn't need a half assed, half hearted US remake. The same thing happened with the really good Spanish zombie movie Rec, it was remade in the US as Quarantine and it was completely pointless, literally the same exact situation here, I don't even need to see the US version. The Korean original is perfect as is, adding white people and native English won't enhance anything, especially if it's just a crappy near shot for shot remake like the Rec remake, I mean there's absolutely no way the US version could add anything to the original, or improve upon it. I thanked everyone of relevance when the US Raid remake got murdered, once again, the original is perfect, Hollywood makes enough garbage, we get it they're out of ideas, but this is getting absurd, remakes of less then two year old foreign films? I hope this tanks on what I will assume will be a small budget.

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