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Need help with missing DX VF-25G piece


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Posted this in the wanted section for the past few days but got no reply. So I thought I'd try asking again here.

This is for the Bandai DX VF-25G toy (not the renewal version)

I am looking for this connecter piece circled in the photo. Do anyone have a spare one to sell or to give away or willing to lend me for a week so I can make a duplicate piece with my modeling skill?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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The part looks pretty simple to model: semi arc + a rectangle.

Without a model in hand, it is difficult to model a perfect replacement part. The best a modeler can do is to something very similar but you would need some sanding to fit.

Would you provide some info about the size of it (take measures of the other part as comparison would do the job) and about how it works: does the semi-arc acts like a clamp, does it attach to the gun or to the plane with the clamp or with the rectangle?

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