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LEGO Orguss Orgoid

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I taken at least one serious stab at getting a decent looking Orgoid put together in LEGO, but I was never happy with the results. The orgroid is a challenge because of all the organic looking curves it uses.

While it's transformation is very Valkyrie like, it's easier to pull off if you have wide variety of Bionicle parts. Getting the look to come out right is the bigger challenge because Bionicle parts just really don't want to be combined with the classic LEGO system parts.

Anyways here is the result of a few hours work, taking what I've learned from my previous attempt. I still need to come up with a head and figure out how to do the backpack hinge.




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Some improvements.

Better arms with clown hands.

Something like a head and a gun.

Sturdier skeleton for easier transformation.

Better color matching.

Proportions closer to the line art.




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Some tweaks for a better color matches.

Unfortunately the selection of LEGO parts in light blues or golded brown (feet/joints) is limited, so I'm gonna go with the standard grey blue in place of light blue and dark stone/grey for the gold. I can't bring myself to paint LEGO. I'll look around Bricklink to see if I kind find better matching parts, but my hopes are low.

This will probably be it for now, but now I can say that I'm at least satisfied.




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