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Inexpensive Lighting Effects For Your Model


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Do you want to add lights or special effects to your model or dioram? Are you on a ramen and bologna budget (tight budget), but want to light up one of your models or dioramas? I recently came across a cheap, but VERY versatile way to do it. If you find one of these light wands (see photo) or similar LED product, you can accomplish it.

What’s so special about this "patrol wand"? Instead of just “blinking” or staying on, it has four multi-colored LEDs with SEVEN modes to help animate the lighting of your project. Once again, there are probably other toys or products that will do this, but I found this one for only $1.00 and the circuit card is slim and easily used in a lot of models!

Mode 1: All on.

Mode 2: All blink together quickly.

Mode 3: All blink together slower speed.

Mode 4: Chase one after the other and back slow.

Mode 5: Chase one after the other, one direction only.

Mode 6: Chase one after the other quickly (directional strobe in the opposite direction).

Mode 7: Chase one after the other, blinking twice before going to next color and then backwards.

“So how does this help me?” you might ask. If you want to make landing lights inside of your model or on your runway, #5 or #6 will work depending on what speed you want. Just push the button to get to the mode you want. You want to put random blinking lights on your SDF-1 mode #7 will work, or LED’s put close together you can get a staggered “KITT effect” as on Night Rider.

The LEDs are multi-colored, but can be replaced with white or amber LEDs for your purpose and coupled to fiber optics to get light where and in what sequence you want it. I did find a white LED version, but can’t find it again. For those of you in America, I got mine at Target (pronounced Tar-Jhay if you want to sound snobby). Sorry, couldn’t find a part number to order, but they are up front with the cheap $1.00 items.

For those of you overseas, look for the picture on-line under “LED wand.” Here is a video link (not mine) of what the modes look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC9ANtEQygA

An online source (there are MANY) is: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Multi-Color-7-Modes-LED-Flashing-Light-Glow-Wand-Sticks-Party-Fun-Supplies-p-56850.html

This is just an inexpensive suggestion to help you get your lighting done without breaking the bank. If you have similar inexpensive ideas, please share them!- MT


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they are running off 3 LR44 cells for 4.5v total so a USB power supply at 5V can run these. The resistors to run LEDs off 5v are for Red, Yellow, or Yellow-Green LEDs (1.8V) use 150Ω which is Brown Green Brown


For Blue, Green, White, or UV (3.3V) use 68Ω which is Blue Sliver Black


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