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Looking great! I'm not sure what your target platform is (CGI, real-time?) but I advise you work at higher poly counts if possible. I've re-done my model many times over the years, each time finding I needed/could get away with a higher poly count, even for real-time applications like computer games.

Keeping everything looking good in all three modes is certainly the hardest part. I (like many) turned to the toys for inspiration on that front, since the toy designers have similar goals. The difference is we can cheat a bit more than they can.

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Mr March and Rodavan, thank you for your encouragement!

Aurel Tristen, i was hoping to make a short video out of it, about 1-2 minutes long, it will be taken from one or few of my favorite scenes in the macross tv series, (working on regult and the Q-rau at the same time) so ya, i could go as high res as my machine and my skills can handle. i went ahead and got myself a toy, the 1/72valkyrie fully transformable model kit which takes away great deal of guess work in terms of the mechanics of transformation.

again, thank you for your kind words!

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