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Coming to theaters on November 25 is The Good Dinosaur, which may be Pixar's most difficult project. Originally slated for release in 2014, the film experienced production problems toward the third act to a point where the whole film had to be scrubbed and the entire voice cast had to be changed after original director Bob Peterson left the project. Peter Sohn (Partly Cloudy) stepped in to finish the film. And here's a first look at the final product.

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We were looking at this at work last week, and we all agreed that we don't get what this film is about. Is this like some kind of a coming of age story? I heard and judging from the looks of the trailer is about right that all the backgrounds are actual shooting locations with minor touch ups which makes sense cause the animation models don't fit AT ALL.

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Just got back from watching it.




Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, or maybe it's because I have kids of my own (including a son who is full-bore in his dinosaur-obsessed phase), but I enjoyed this movie.

My wife sensed that it was more targeted towards boys with its "becoming a man" themes.

You'll definitely catch bits and story beats that you've probably seen in other Disney/Pixar films. But there are a few heart-tugging moments too.

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