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1/144 Nujaderu Gaa (Nousjadeul Ger)


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This kit didn't go together very smoothly - despite starting to lay down paint still on the sprue!

For starters, the kit is molded in dark blue, and any light colours on top of that required multiple coats. I ended up losing some of the finer details due to that.

The upper arms are extremely fiddly. I ended up having to permanently glue the upper arms, as the pieces kept popping apart when the elbow joint was rotated! Some of the other joints are stiff, but that might be due to the aforementioned paint problem.

I ended up using super glue to affix the thrusters on the back of the legs and backpack, and the gun and its support. Only the backpack thruster went on smoothly.

And once everything was finished painting and so on, I realized that there aren't decals for the stripes on the forearms! So, another round of masking, painting, and cleaning up. >.<

At least the panel lining went smoothly (though most of it didn't remain in the grooves in the feet).


What are your thoughts on the Christmas colours? The green was much brighter than I expected (though, it should be perfect for the Sound Force VF-17 I'm working on).


I'm still working on the Zentraadi figure that comes with it (the kit's gimmick is that you can either make it either stand alone, or only the upper half of the figure inside the torso of the Nujaderu Gaa.


Here he is reenacting one of the famous scenes in SDFM.


Not quite a good match for the Bandai 1/100 Battle Pod...


But a good match for the Bandai 1/144 VF-11C, and HG Gundam!

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I didn't find the seam lines especially bothersome (mind you, I only focused on the ones on the arms, legs, and back - the other ones were a combination of too small or not noticeable.

The main problem area I had was the leg thrusters and gun attachment. The leg thrusters were annoying because there's no way to really do them without painting them and the legs first (although the armour seam in the back of the legs makes panel lining easy, it was a headache I decided to skip when I was planning out how to paint it).

The gun attachment point... was that thing designed wrong? It doesn't fit snugly in the hole, and gluing the angled part on the rear to the backpack for support (what I ended up doing) puts it out of alignment when resting on the support piece...

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