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Macross 3D models.


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Hey every one, I am new to the forums here and this is my frist post, so I may have this in the wrong spot.

Any ways, I have been a CG artest for a very long time I love working with 3d models and making movies with them or scripting them to work in other games and such. I have been looking alllll over the internet for various models mainly from the frontier era. I was wondering if any one knew of some that I could download? the main ones I am looking for are.

VF-25 fastpacks/armor pack


YF-29 ( I think it's 29

or really any models form frontier. thanks guys its a big help if anything turns out.

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Hi and welcome. You should try with the macross mod for YSFlight. There is an entire section of Frontier models. Not hi poly but pretty nice models, The thing is that you need a specific program to open the files...let me look at my drive and I`ll PM you.

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The models are a bit awkward to work with and I wouldn't recommend using them for anything major, but they are an excellent baseline. There are other macross YS flight models some are very poor but some like the VF-22 are excellent.

Use DMN Viewer to look at the files, or Surface Viewer (SRF Viewer) , srf viewer also used to save the file as a wrl file so u can pull it into other 3d modelling programs.

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I figured out how to work with them, unfortunately they are really old and low poly, i discovered something on xantex ... there is a program that was able to take the models right out of the PS3 game macross trials frontier ?! I freaked out, but the DL links are long dead and NO ONE on that forum is getting back to me, the model files are in MLD format, basically the program converted them to obj and they worked amazingly well... if any one knows anything about this please message me back.

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know where I can extract the model VA-3, I need to transform it into pdo. do so in papercraft.

And do not put down your arms selfish comments, I really like the 3d models that many users have not released here and be shared. we are all fans of macross and there are many things that can make or get some or do because they have talent and are saved.

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