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    Macross 3D models.

    The models are a bit awkward to work with and I wouldn't recommend using them for anything major, but they are an excellent baseline. There are other macross YS flight models some are very poor but some like the VF-22 are excellent. Use DMN Viewer to look at the files, or Surface Viewer (SRF Viewer) , srf viewer also used to save the file as a wrl file so u can pull it into other 3d modelling programs.
  2. Oh I am definitely getting too old I use Maya 10 at work but 8 at home, but may have to change at work to bring our office in line with other parts of the company, shame as I personally love how easy Maya is to use. But your totally right its just getting used to a new tool to do the same job, hopefully better. Have tried many times to get going on a decent detailed VF-1 but having seen Dan's work (I was literally lost for superlatives last night) I know its in the best possible hands.. now if only I could stop drooling over the thought of a 1/24 Valkyrie... nope can't do it. thanks for the Shapeways heads up too, all we need now is a lottery win. I agree totally where Dan is coming from on this model, Its got to look right in all 3 forms not just fighter. Keep up the blood sweat and tears, your VF-1 is a beautiful creation.
  3. As a Modeller and Illustrator myself, this model (CG and Print) blew me away... The time, effort and quality are evident in every picture Dan. Thanks for sharing all your hard work, I'll be following this superb work from now on. Been a fan of the VF-1 since I got a model in the late 80's and the love affair continues... Maya user.... having to switch soon too... I'm getting to old for this.
  4. I think Getter snuck in a replacement plastic kit while I wasn't looking
  5. Hi Guys, indeed the VF2SS has been reborn, had almost a total rework from the original protoype Getter1 built, but it is still ongoing, most of the base textures are done some ideas for schemes are below. There is a newer version to be completed soon too with the complexity reduced to make it alot easier to build, it is in fighter mode only though. I will post images as soon as it is done.
  6. you have the skill of an artist and the patience of a saint to achieve this much, the attention to detail and quality is outstanding, thanks MT for making my jaw drop ;p
  7. Very Sorry for the lack of response on this, been so busy with a large scale project that I have had little time to get back to the various forums. Will attach Images etc on next post Thanks again Fly.
  8. Read this thread and many others on MW with avid interest (fantastic reference resource), the VF2SS has to be one of the cleanest looking VFs out there. This build is fantastic and very inspirational thanks Fly With the excellent help of Getter 1 I am attempting to build this beauty in Card at approx 1/33rd scale have a look on http://www.zealot.com/forum/showthread.php?t=161015 Its not plastic, but when I eventually get off my backside and push it out on the forum there, I am sure some one will convert it. (btw it can be made in any of the 3 modes but isn't quite transformable) Ty Fly and yes Cheng's stuff is jaw dropping.
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