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  1. Okay an update is in order. we are making some serious headway, it seems the models have to be converted then reassembled as it is right now, I will work on a few of them and get some links posted. I will post links to the tools we used once we are sure that they work with little hassle. So we finally got in contact with the creator of the ripper for the dat files. he was very helpful and sent the program to us, the problem is this, the models are in hundreds of jumbled pieces, he posted the source code as well, if any one has the knowledge to work with it toss me a PM and i will link you. the UV map is still intact though that is a very good thing.
  2. couldn't agree with you more! and on that note ! half of the project is done ! a friend of mine found an extractor for macross 30 that gets alllll of the game files textures models anims you name it. the one problem is this, the textures are all in DDS and that's fine cause those convert easily, but the models are all HLD files and there in only one converter that was made and once again only one person has it. so since he is not willing to share it me and my friends are looking for another source, so far no luck ! but we are getting close to a brake through, the textures look amazing and the model files are in tact ! if any one knows something about HLD files or as they are called HLDM files please let me know, would love to have you on this adventure with us. we are close to the finish line.
  3. It would be amazing if a translation project could be started for sure..and you are right about the PS3 needing to be I guess a custom firmware like on the psp? I am not sure. but enough of the macross 30 game is translated to be playable to some degree.
  4. I am the same as you were years ago when you asked for help for the first time on the Xentax forum and you can not in any way deny that, I don't want to make this to long and go off topic, cause that is not the place for this, you were rude to me even when I tried to apologize for the so called "spam", when I got much kinder answers from people who I messaged that understood my position. (every one starts somewhere) even though they could not help they were still courteous, I thanked them and moved on telling them that if they ever wanted more information I would be happy to share what I find out. --I did find this out for any one following this topic. the fileset1 and data2.data has the most macross textures and some model data. you can use offzip to extract a massive chuck of information from them and then use an extractor to get the DDS texture files, how ever I am still working on getting to the HLD files inside, the models that I extracted were all broken. I will find out more information and post it here.-- this is all information gathered from various threads about the subject, if you have more questions PM me I will try to help. Also for those of you who care, I did find links to Sheryl and Rank models even an Alto model, it's on some Japanese web site but its fairly easy to get to the DL link, if any one wants to get their hands on them just PM me and I will send the link your way. As a weird little side note. the Sheryl model is completely constructed, even under the multiple clothing layers she has ? o.0 there are no naughty bits, but it's so weird to see a model like this, normally in games they don't build the whole model. so I guess these are fan made.
  5. Yeah no, that's not trolling. no one has to answer my "call" I am posting what i find out about getting to macross 30's models for the whole community not just my self, so any one can do it. I don't post pictures of models that I have just to tease people. I don't laugh at people when they try to help. (now I know why he laughed to, it infuriates me that he would mock some one for trying to help. just cause the models they posted links to were not as "good" as the ones he ripped. -look at my thread if you want context to that. knowing the context, it will upset you to.) I sent him a single message asking about the script and he flipped out calling it spam. (I can even send the chat log to you exo, if I need to defend my self.) that is the only thing I will say to this. The more I research this the closer I get, soon i can post some more progress if any one else is interested.
  6. My friend you have been nothing but disrespectful to me, you laughed at my original forum post when some one tried to help and posted links to models, they were actually helpful and tried their best to share what little knowledge they had. and you literally laughed at them. ., I am not a coder, but I am going to do what I can to get these models to the rest of the community not hold onto them for my self. You have an amazing skill but you have a script written by some one else (Howfie) that no one can get any more. it is the key piece to this puzzle, that one script could solve this but the links are all dead, I will go out now and find how to do it and post it here for every one to see, once I do. PS: I never asked you to teach me or show me anything, not once, I simply asked for the script that Howfie made and gave out to the whole Xentax forums before it was deleted. I can figure the rest out on my own.
  7. Mate I swear it was not intended harassment, I have been looking for that script for months, I finally saw someone was online that I could talk to so I sent you a single message, there was no spam involved, I didn't even know you were part of Xentax until I saw your post. no disrespect involved here, in fact you have my respect for getting that script to work, (extracting things from Valkiryia cronicals was not easy) Oops as a side note, for any one wanting to look into this like I am now, there are several forum posts that talked about it i will link them at the end, it looks like it has something to do with the way you extract the .DAT file, I believe that this knowledge belongs to the community so we can build some amazing things (fan made macross movie?) any ways, I could be way behind the times here but i am going to do it any ways and post my progress for those of you still wanting to learn how to. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6252&hilit=dynasty+warriors+7 ( the reason i am posting this link is this. the encoding looks to be very similar to the macross 30 game. I am sure more answers are here I intend to keep studying) http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=4582&hilit=macross+30&start=1560 ( this program is amazing, it's been used to load model files that I never dreamed would open in any thing, the thread is 105 pages long so there is a lot for me to go through and read, but I believe this might be a way to convert the HLD file types once they are extracted, I intend to keep looking into this to ) http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=10569 (finally it looks like some one got the same idea as many of us, when macross 30 came out they started looking for ways to get at the models, this post talks about the different compression codes I think, and what settings to put offzip on in order to get at them. this could be very useful to any one seeking to do what I am ) http://www.progamercity.net/game-files/2695-info-general-extraction-tools.html (Just found this link to day, amazing game tools, i think the answer to this might be in this very post, this is going to be the center of my focus.) I hope this helps who ever is out there like me looking on how to do this, i am definitely not as skilled as some out there, but I am damn sure going to try. I will keep you all updated on what I find out.
  8. I think that is a program discussed on the Xentax forums that converts the macross model from the game macross trial frontier or the last frontier to OBJ's...this is amazing, but there are no DL links. (and now according to some of my sources the script was never truly finished, or at least so I am told) The model types he is converting from the .DAT file he extracted are in HLD format, there's only one converter that I know of and you can't get it any more. if any one knows about this file type please PM me.
  9. xr79

    Macross 3D models.

    I figured out how to work with them, unfortunately they are really old and low poly, i discovered something on xantex ... there is a program that was able to take the models right out of the PS3 game macross trials frontier ?! I freaked out, but the DL links are long dead and NO ONE on that forum is getting back to me, the model files are in MLD format, basically the program converted them to obj and they worked amazingly well... if any one knows anything about this please message me back.
  10. xr79

    Macross 3D models.

    Hey maxi, thanks for getting back to me, I got the fiel, I am going to see if I can find the models, so far no luck
  11. Hey every one, I am new to the forums here and this is my frist post, so I may have this in the wrong spot. Any ways, I have been a CG artest for a very long time I love working with 3d models and making movies with them or scripting them to work in other games and such. I have been looking alllll over the internet for various models mainly from the frontier era. I was wondering if any one knew of some that I could download? the main ones I am looking for are. VF-25 fastpacks/armor pack VF-27 YF-29 ( I think it's 29 or really any models form frontier. thanks guys its a big help if anything turns out.
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