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Which Yamato Hikaru Ichijyo valkyrie should I buy? I only have money f


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Yamato released all color variants of the VF-1 (sans the Alaska Base one) so I'm not sure if I buy that logic since Kakizakis VF-1 is one of the "hero" Valkyries. I think Arcadia will release Kakizakis VF-1A from DYRL? after the VF-1S Max (or after that they release the VF-1A Hikaru and VF-1A Max Custom first :p ) but I assume they will release it before any Low-Viz or CF variants. It seems all Arcadia releases been build for order ones so they will not flood the market if this is true. So no Arcadia clearance sales anymore. :mellow:

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I agree that we won't know for sure until it happens, but my gut feeling is to not hold my breath for a Kakizaki re-release. If this happens, perhaps all those people who picked up Kakizaki at bargain prices will suddenly be able to charge premium prices on the secondary market???? :D

Like an Elintseeker/Ostrich syndrome?

The 1:55 Valks were the less popular in their time with a limited production and now just see the prices!!!!

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Well, talking about cheap Valks I have bought the 1/60 VF-1A Valkyrie Kakizaki TV figure about a month ago from HK and should be arriving these days.


Now based on everything I have read so far, I am pretty sure it does have the shoulders´ problem. Right? Now I know why it was so 1000% cheap!!

I remember reading some place in MW that one can buy some spare shoulders or something like that, but I just don´t remember where and really couldn´t find it again.

Could anyone please tell me where to order them and how much does it cost?

Thank you!!!

1000% Genuine!?!? That's like getting 10 for the price of 1!!!

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