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  1. No puedo quedar indiferente al tema..... Concuerdo 100% !!!! No hay como estos bichos 1/55.... sólidos y fuertes... no hay como esa agradable sensación de solidez y fortaleza al transformarlos, y cuando están de pie que estables... a prueba de balas !!! Yo también sufrí de niño al no poder tener mi jetfire, que fue el primer "Macross" que conocí cuando no tenía ni idea de toda la historia que venía detrás.... eran muy caros !!! Fue amor a primera vista.... Ahora casí me volví un adicto.... Takatokus, bandai, y muchos jetfires; Matsushiros con símbolo macross pintado, con símbolo macross stiker, Matsu-bandai de transición, marca bandai una linea, marca bandai dos...No tengo cura... que alguien me detenga!!!! lol
  2. Ok, I have just put my order in NY. Seams to be the best choise overall.....
  3. Thanks!! I have also found some valuable info 5 or 6 pages before...... it is getting hard to catch up!!!!
  4. Hey Scyla, than you for the information. Does anyone know if NY ship items as a gift? I have read one member put the order with them and was relief about paying taxes.... tnx,
  5. Kyrie

    1/55's revisited

    Yeah, my first guess was that rebrand theory too.... I woud really like to know the official reason.... I was never able to find it out in the web...
  6. Kyrie

    1/55's revisited

    Does anybody know why the in the trademark logo place for de 1:55s, the Elintseeker has an sticker? Kind of strange to me...
  7. Like an Elintseeker/Ostrich syndrome? The 1:55 Valks were the less popular in their time with a limited production and now just see the prices!!!!
  8. Kyrie

    VF-1J 1/55 Scale

    I can´t be indiferent to this topic.... First because I also love these so called chunky monkeys.... and like strikevalk I fell in love at school when one of the kids brought his Jet Fire. As an adult and when I was able to afford one I came up with one. My searching in the internet got me into this Macross thing. I had no idea about the existence of de 1/55 Valks prior to Jet Fire!! I just love their bulky and rock solid stand.. it is bulletproof toy!!! Now something more related to the topic. My VF-1S Takatoku have one of the tail fin kind of loose. Once put in its position it is not completely steady and can easily fold it back. I am really not sure about the reason, because the nob is not broken or worn down. Maybe one of this days I will open the back mechanism to find out what is going on...maybe This is completely different with my Jet Fire´s tail fins that almost feel like they are going to break when I unfold them!!!
  9. Thank you guys for clarify me about this Valk... I am relief and very happy to hear the shoulders are OK...!!!
  10. Well, talking about cheap Valks I have bought the 1/60 VF-1A Valkyrie Kakizaki TV figure about a month ago from HK and should be arriving these days. Now based on everything I have read so far, I am pretty sure it does have the shoulders´ problem. Right? Now I know why it was so 1000% cheap!! I remember reading some place in MW that one can buy some spare shoulders or something like that, but I just don´t remember where and really couldn´t find it again. Could anyone please tell me where to order them and how much does it cost? Thank you!!!
  11. Very helpful topic, specially for a beginer like me... Thanks for everything. I think I like the bright white one. The following is the NO 30th anniversary. - Could you please tell me which issue is this? (V2, V2?, others) - Does it have the shoulders issue or the updated shoulder hinges? - Does it have the rainbow finished canopy? looks like it does. - It does have the updated crotch locking mechanism, right? - It does not have the extra option parts (side covers and raised pilot seat for display in battroid mode), right? - What are the differences with the 30th anniversary edition (same box, just with the 30th anniv. logos. There is a picture posted in this topic). I read the 30th anniv. is an improvement. - What is a reasonable price for it? - Would a 30th aniv. super parts work with it? (Pic. below) Sorry for too many questions. Thank you!!!
  12. Thanks davidwhangchoi and m0n5t3r for the wellcome and tips!! I will pre-order the ones to come. I will definitely do it for the YF-19.
  13. Hi everybody. I am pretty new in all these Macross collectibles. I love them!!! I have just found these forums and it is really huge, lots of valuable info around. Thanks to everybody for that!!! I have already bought a couple of Valkyes and when I was really getting into it and preparing to get some Yamato stuff, the prices rised up too much. I have to admitt that I started to panic and might made some mistakes. You will see me in other topics asking some questions, if you don´t mind. I understand that nothing is for granted, but these pictures and all your valuable input for the new Arcadia YF-19, make me believe that better things are going to come in this new franchise. I think I will wait patienly, taking reasonables risks along the way. Hope I can do it!!!!
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