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Watched is after Christmas and I think it was the best film I've seen this year. Which is sort of damning with faint praise - although it was a decent movie it just seemed to lake a spark, perhaps I'm just getting old since I would have loved it a decade ago. The chase scene at the end was excellent, the amount of planning that must have gone into it is staggering. The sea battle with sailing ships makes me wish they would release an animated sailing movie (not more POTC crap either!)

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Saw it - wish I had not. The animation and attention to detail were tremendous. And script was clever, written for adults almost.

But the tedious way all the action was done was more annoying than suspenseful. I was bored and not into it 75% of the way through. Its hard to pin down exactly why it failed for me. I just didn't like it.

The chase seen (from peter jackson?) was like the brontosaurus stampede scene in king kong - tons of work but over done and not something that sucks you in. You end up saying it was a lot of work but scoffing all the way through...

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