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First Robotech Convention...?

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I actually got into Macross/Robotech through a friend I had at the time in elementary school who already was into SDF:Macross. I was watching episodes of Macross on video before Robotech aired, and when it finally did, I was already a fan from the getgo. That was back in 1984-1985. I continued on with Robotech, as it was in english and it "continued" from Macross. Of course, in the early 90s, when I was older, I realized that there was much more out there, like Macross DYRL, Flashback 2012, Macross Plus, etc.

While I still enjoy the original 85 episodes of Robotech, the Sentinels, and the Untold Story, after those, I've been a Macross fan.

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I think the valkyrie is what got me hooked. When I was a kid I always wanted the transformer jetfire never got one. Now I have two, one has most the armor. The Macross saga also made me look at life in another way...Roy died? I was a kid and most "cartoons" didn't have people die in the episodes.

Yet I still think the valkyrie was the line and sinker.

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