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Extra Stickers on Yamato Valk


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On every Valks from Yamato that I bought there is always a huge amount of extra stickers...I always applied the ones that appear on the instruction sheet but never the others...I was wondering if there is some sort of guide somewhere or it is just up to the owner to customize randomly the valks...

I just finished to apply the stickers on the GBP Armour parts and found myself with much more stickers on the sheet than on the actual model... :blink:

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Random customization. If you want to sticker it up like a factory-fresh F-4 with 2,000 warning/caution markings, go ahead.

FYI, F-15's leave the factory with EACH panel/hatch marked and labled. McDonnell does love to to put markings on their planes.

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Check out the Hasegawa models section on the opening page. I like to use it as a visual reference when stickering my toys.

Tenjins macross art book is also another good visual reference as well. It's esp good for the Vf-0s and vf-0A.

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