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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently made a thread for Arrow on CW, but I just gotta make another. I believe we're in the golden age of TV, we're finally at the point when we are getting truly quality performances and stories on both basic and premium cable, there's literally something for everybody. So how about Hannibal? This is yet another series that's been blowing my mind for two seasons now, easily the most graphic and disturbing show on television, I find every episode to be pretty excellent. There are some really incredible performances throughout, Mads Mikkelsen is pretty much my favorite Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins horrified people in Silence of the Lambs, as a long time fan and reader of the Red Dragon novels I've got even more to love. Another fantastic episode tonight, the situation Graham has found himself in is hard to watch but you know there's more there than we're seeing, Hugh Dancy also absolutely dominating his role as the tormented Will Graham. My DVR is full, I've got something recorded almost every night, but I always find myself looking forward to Friday night Hannibal.
  2. .....What is it? No cheating. A single movie, not a series (LOTR for example). I think I have to go with Aliens.
  3. Based upon a lot of positive word of mouth, I decided to watch the new film Chronicle. If you've heard little about this movie (or have just seen only the trailer), I can say this is easily one of the best "super hero" films I've seen in years. Some basic info about the film can be found in the wiki link below (though don't read the details if you don't want to be spoiled): http://en.wikipedia....icle_(film) I will say just labelling this movie as a "super hero" tale - while descriptive as a sound bite - does the film a terrible diservice. Chronicle is so much more than that: in fact, it's fair to say this film is basically a live action Akira done right...in a way. The story of Chronicle is much more immediate and smaller than the story of Akira, but while the film eschews the broader evolution of humanity, social/political themes and human existence in Akira (for the most part), it does tell a very compelling "chronicle" of three young kids gaining super powers. What results is a very unrealistic premise explored in a very realistic way. The characters all act like real people would in the given circumstances and the performances of all the actors are spot on. The film can be incredibly funny but it also explores some dark stuff. You get a sense how the story will play out from the beginning, but that doesn't make any of the emotional beats any less poignant. I'd like to say more, but I don't want to spoil anything. I will say I was thoroughly entertained and enthralled throughout the film. I don't think I've ever felt this much elation at the idea of super powers as I was while watching the characters discover their abilities in Chroncile. For anyone who has ever had a dream of flying, you owe it to yourself to see this film. An online film commentator said recently in his podcast that all us geeks can rest easy now because a proper Akira live action story has been made. While it's not entirely accurate, there is some truth. If the live action Akira film ever happens and fails, Chronicle will definitely satisfy the same desire for that story on the big screen. Highly recommended.
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