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Found 8 results

  1. Over the past few months I've been slowly updating, revamping, and modernizing my sites (yay CSS!). I've made enough progress to 'officially' announce it (and start a new topic as the original dates back to 2010!!!) Sketchley's Macross Translations The biggest change so far is an overhaul of the Glossary/Disambiguation page: now includes links to definitions in Macross Chronicle's Glossary pages, etc. eternal work in progress, so if you'd like a term added (or definition modified), please message me (alas, including all Macross names and terms are beyond the page's scope). Sketchley's Macross Stats More or less a distillation and collection of my translations by mecha. Remember text in... green is part of the Official Setting blue is part of the Unofficial Setting brown is information from dojinshi (essentially published fan content) The old Sketchley's Macross Translations topic: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/33597-macross-translations-and-more/
  2. I've been waffling over posting this or not, but it's become clear that this resource of translated and organized material should be a little bit more visible for the Macross community. http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/ Macross Translations All translations that I've made available on the internet are indexed under the Translations header. They are kept up-to-date as I add new translations to the web. The easiest way to check for new content is to refer to the revision date in the upper-left corner. Reviews Slowly growing. Check back for updates! Translation Tools Recommended, useful and accurate. Some require minimal Japanese knowledge to use. Sadly, some of the better ones have disappeared from the net. Sketchley Stats sister site: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/index.php Note: if content is in green, it is canon. If it's not in green, it's based on educated speculation. Sketchley Statistics: All the equipment found in Macross that I know of. RPG stats are for the Palladium game engine. I've created the stats as: a) canon accurate (even if it's game unbalancing) b) game balanced & consistent with each other (therefore, they should be convertible to other game systems) Discussion on the stats is here: http://nomansland.site.nfoservers.com/MRG-Active-Archive/forums/index.php Locations Even though some things are guesses, it includes all of the canon location information I've come across. (Any assistance on locations that are missing would be appreciated!) Note to moderators: I've been waffling over posting this in this forum, or the Homepages forum. I opted for this section because of the canon Macross information in the translations section, as well as having the intent of posting future translations not worthy of their own topic herein. Thanks.
  3. As a fan of Macross, and enjoying the Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation from Gubaba (who is unfortunately banned from the site!). It would be nice for the Macross fans to do translations of the following Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game Story's in the style of Gubaba's Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation. Here is the list Dreaming Prelude: My Fair Minmay Novel Macross: The First Manga Macross Inside Story: Macross Classic Audio drama Macross M3 Video Game for the Sega Dreamcast Macross: True Love Song Video Game Macross Generation Audio drama Macross Digital Mission VF-X Video Game Macross VF-X2 Video Game Macross The Ride Novel Super Dimension Song Maiden Ranka Manga Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy Manga Macross Frontier: Hold Me Tightly to the Edge of the Galaxy Manga Macross Fortissimo Manga Macross 30: Voices across the Galaxy Video Game Macross The Musicalture Musical Macross 2036 Video Game Macross: Eien no Love Song Video Game If their are Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game/Musical Story Translations that I am missing, please let me know?
  4. I have a question about translation of "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" I have seen three different subtitled versions and there is one scene I would like clarification on. After Max defeats Milia on the Meltrandi ship, they hear Minmay's song. Max walks towards Milia and says "Beautiful" (referring to Milia) In subtitle version one, Milia replys "Handsome" (referring to Max). In subtitle version two, Milia replys "Beautiful" (referring either to Minmay's song or Max, depending on interpretaion). In subtitle version three, Milia replys "Beautiful?" (as a question, seemingly not understanding the concept). As near as I can tell, Max and Milia say the same word in Japanese, so the question is, which is the more accurate translation?
  5. So, to preface this, I just recently watched SDF Macross (original series) for the first time in my life in its direct dub form. Prior to now, I knew it only as the first 1/3 of Robotech, and filled in the pieces myself as I grew more familiar with the sequel series (II, Plus, 7, Zero and Frontier). Fortunately, outside of the creative liberties Robotech took, it was translated pretty closely to the original script, which made it easy to deduce the source material. Even names were similar enough to follow who was who. In watching the direct dub, however, I felt like something didn't sit right, and feel a little bummed that I actually liked the RT version better. Thinking more and more, comparing the Mac Plus dub to the (more literally translated) sub, I realized why I like certain versions of anime series better than others, and wanted to ask the folks here how y'all feel about it. In short, I prefer translated dubs to make subtle tweaks to wording, and not try to be 100% literal in their translation. Sometimes great content can even be worked in by replacing non-essential dialogue. Hearing Isamu say "Did you say faster?" gave me much more of a chuckle than "Thrilling, huh?" Hearing Hikaru scream "sempai!" repeatedly made my ears bleed (not helped by a VA that sounds like Steve from American Dad), but "big brother" conveyed a much more real sense of loss when Roy made his way to Valhalla. I can't count the number of times in various series where they could much more effectively use the word "prodigy" to describe someone who has a phenomenal knack for something, but instead make a little less sense by calling them a "genius" (sometimes a downright head scratcher - "genius lifter/surfer" from Eureka 7 comes to mind, where Holland was clearly not displaying above-average intelligence). I understand a need to keep things true to the source material, and I'm sure there are fans out there who want translations to be as pure as possible, but is that the force driving studios to be literal sometimes to the detriment of more mainstream appeal? I'd like to hear some thoughts on this from the community, but no poll or anything.
  6. I would like to pose a question. While I have seen related issues discussed obliquely here, the ethical muddiness and, well, controversy (deserved or not) has made me reconsider posing that question directly. I, therefore, chose to post the question to my blog, to avoid breaking any rules, written or unwritten, that I might otherwise be breaking. If a staffer would be so kind as to inform me as to whether or not the content of the linked material would be acceptable here, I'll go ahead and paste it into this post--I'm not trolling for his or anything moronic like that, is what I'm saying. To summarize things, I'm simply trying to wrap my mind around the justification--or lack thereof--of unlicensed translations of Macross media. Is it right? Is it wrong? You can easily offer your opinion from just that summation, but due to the existence of certain specific circumstances, you may be better served reading the article proper (it's a short read).
  7. I am in the middle of labeling my WWII Japanese IJAAF & IJN warbird collection; could someone translate or confirm the terms listed below? sentai = Squadron chutai = hikotai = dokuritsu = Hiko = Shidan = Shireibu =
  8. This is a transcript of an interview with Shoji Kawamori on September 24th, 1998. http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~pn7m-szk/macro...aku/5000hit.HTM Macross 7 Fun Net is one of those dinosaur fan-sites. Seriously, it needs a cosmetic update. Still, I came across this gem of an article yesterday while reading a quote from it in the recently-published mook "Chaos Anime Taizen" (details on which can be found here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/カオ...520&sr=8-4). The book contains a long essay on the mind of the Floating Head himself, but a particular quote from this particular interview caught my eye, so I had to check out the full text. Basically, the first half of this page introduces an issue which will be recalled again and again throughout the three pages of text. We all know that Kawamori never likes to do the same thing twice, hence all the Macross series being so vastly different. Well, how Kawamori chooses to address this is by playing the "movie-within-a-movie" card, over and over. Yeah, we know about DYRL being made in 2031, and Macross Zero became "Bird Human" in 2059. But here's the jewel right here: QUOTE  次は「愛・おぼえていますか」何ですけど、この時以降エキセドルのデザインが緑色になっていますね。 これは歴史の流れ上どういう風なことになっていますか。  これがねぇ・・・よく雑誌とかで聞かれて説明しても理解してもらいにくいところなんだけど・・・。  例えば、第次世界大戦があって、それをもとにした映画がたくさん作られてるわけじゃない。それぞれフィクションだよね。 ベースは本当にあった戦争だけども、それぞれ違うのがある。  例えば、大河ドラマだと織田信長にしても徳川家康にしても、いろんな徳川家康がいたり、いろんな織田信長がいたりするわけだよね。 それは歴史をひもといて、推測してその作者の意図によって演じる役者も違えばキャラクターの えがき方もちがう。言ったセリフも違う。そういう感覚なんだわ。  だから、一応年表で発表する時にはその時代に公開された映画という設定で 「愛・おぼえていますか」があるんだけども、じゃあシリーズが本当にあっ た事じゃないんですか、と。シリーズも本当にあったであろうが落ちてきて、 そこから何らかの歴史があったのをシリーズというストーリー化された物がオンエアさ れたシリーズと。で、映画と。  で、また「マクロス」ような事件があった、のをもとにしたのが 「マクロス」っていうテレビ。そういう捉え方なんだな、全部。  では、「マクロス」も「マクロス」の歴史の中で放映されたシリーズなんですか。  そうそう、そういう解釈。だから、映画の「愛・おぼえていますか」 だけじゃなくて全部がフィクションって設定。  どれも本当ではない、と。 どれも本当ではない、と。 「愛・おぼえていますか」の予告編で「今回の映画で主役をやらせていただきますリン・ミンメイです。 」って・・・。映画が大ヒットして、それで版も作られた、と。  そうそう。それがなかなか理解してもらえない。どうしても本当のことは別にある、 って考え方をする。そういう歴史を研究して後から作られたとかさぁ。 そういうのを推理しながら、いろんな制約の中で・・・に限るとか、 おもちゃが出るとかそういう中で組み上げられた物語っていう考え方なんだよね。 だから、いろいろ違って全然いいんじゃないかって思う。    「 」も同様ですか。  同様、同様。だから、あれに類似した事件は何かあったんだろうと。 シャロンっていうようなバーチャルリアルティのキャラクターがいたのかも知れない。 おそらくいただろう、と。 Next, Id like to ask about DYRL The design for Exedore is green all throughout the rest of the Macross shows. How is this explained in terms of the timeline? You know This is something I have trouble getting people to understand in magazine interviews. For example, youve got World War II, and then you have lots of movies based on that event, right? They are all fictional. Theyre all based on a war that actually took place, but they are all different. For example, in period dramas you have Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu, but there are so many Oda Nobunagas and Tokugawa Ieyasus. The producers look at the real event and adapt the character according to their wishes. The actors and lines also change, so the character changes. Its that kind of feeling. OK, so in the timeline you have a movie called DYRL that was released, does that mean that the TV series is the true story? Well, you have the SDF-1 that supposedly fell from the sky, and then a story was made about the subsequent history and was televised. Then that became a movie. Then later, there was a Macross 7 incident, and a TV series was made about that. Thats basically how I see it. So Macross 7 is also a TV series broadcast within the Macross timeline? Thats right, thats the interpretation. Its not just the movie, they are ALL works of fiction. None of them are real? None of them are real. In the teaser for DYRL, there is a line that goes, I am Lynn Minmay, I will be playing the lead in this movie. It does make you feel that there was a TV show which then became a movie. Exactly. Thats what I have trouble getting people to understand. The real truth is somewhere else. They studied the history and made the fiction after the fact. While reasoning the facts, they have to make many compromises, like the limitations of a TV format, like the fact they have to sell toys, and so they have to adapt the story that way. So, in that respect, it doesnt matter if all the productions differ. The same goes for Macross Plus, too? Yeah, that too. You have a similar incident that occurred. There may have been some virtual reality character like Sharon. Like, she probably did exist. So there you have it. The rest of the interview is very interesting too, but here is a very clear-as-crystal statement of how much Kawamori cares about continuity, or canon. Disclaimers: I'm not trying to push any agenda or anything, I just thought I'd share this. Secondly, since the whole Ohnogi embargo I wonder if people are weary of this kind of interview. Particularly because this one has not been published but on one fansite. Well, as I stated earlier, it was quoted in a book recently, and here is a little shred of proof that Kawamori at least did speak to the fansite admin: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~pn7m-szk/macro...aku/3000hit.HTM EDIT -- I'm not sure why only the first line is blue. Never mind.
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