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  1. Does anyone know where I can find certain information on Shoji Kawamori that you can't normally find in wikipedia. I remember reading somewhere that he graduated as an aircraft engineer and learned to how to fly a fighter with Miyatake at some point. I would most appreciate if you can provide links to it since I can't seem to find it here or through google.
  2. Ernest's prowess in fleet combat was of an idiomatic expression that really doesn't translate well into English. He was always fighting for the losing side thus the 100 loses in 100 battles title given to him. It doesn't necessarily mean he's a lousy commander.
  3. He lost his VF's left arm and its sensor head was wrecked in Episode 8. Actually nobody in Delta platoon lost their VFs even Messer.
  4. Macross has never been a split cour series and has always been at least 2 cour with a single season airing. Delta should probably be at least 26 episodes since there are 9 volumes with 3 episodes each.
  5. Don't you mean jellyfish goddess? She appeared to be swimming with them during the festival as if watching over them.
  6. Though I don't believe that Lady M's identity is any known female character in previous Macross series I really don't see Harmony Gold can do anything to stop Kawamori from using them. HG doesn't have any real copyright to SDF Macross much less co-own the Macross IP.
  7. That's 4chan. You can't simply ask them to stop unless it violates their own board rules. Complaining about them on that will just attract more attention and give them reason to post more including yours. Best you can do is ignore them.
  8. I seriously doubt its any character from previous Macross series. For all we know Lady M could actually be a guy and the title "lady" is just a red herring.
  9. Oh come on. I liked Frontier's songs but Walkure's were not worse in quality compared to it. Saying that they're going quantity over quality isn't a fair assessment.
  10. Only one of them was seen being shot down. The VF-31A dodged Bogue's shot but then Theo and Xao followed up and killed him. EDIT: Oh wait you're right. I thought they were just dodging the AA guns but were also fighting the other VF-31As. It was happening too fast.
  11. Maybe we can call their race the Voldori instead. It sounds better in my opinion. What do you think?
  12. You mean like going out butt naked at night under a pale moonlight.
  13. We really don't know that yet. Freyja definitely became relaxed and cheered up but we have no idea if it affected in stabilizing her fold receptor. It also doesn't change that Hayate was still out of line for unauthorize use of his VF and tagging Freyja along with him in a time of war. I doubt Messer being anti-social has anything to do with being susceptible to Var but its probably because his killer instinct and thirst for combat like the Zentradi soldiers since they were easily subject to it. Well I do agree with you though that Delta Platoon are bunch of misfits. Makes me wonder what the heck Arad was thinking in recruiting them.
  14. Messer has no jurisdiction over Walkure members. Why do you think he told Freyja that he would report the incident to Kaname? He took it upon himself to straighten up Hayate since Arad doesn't give a crap. And its not just because Hayate was acting unprofessionally but he wasn't taking his role and the whole situation seriously. And what the heck are you talking about Mikumo breaking public decency laws? Don't expect Ragna to have the same laws like the US.
  15. Brera died in the second movie. He never came out and was never seen again.
  16. No. Messer knew exactly what to say to Hayate and neither was he trying to bully him. He was imposing discipline and straightening him out because he knows Hayate's personality which is an irresponsible and rebellious fool. No one but Messer stepped up to put Hayate in his place. If he didn't do what he did Hayate would be a liability to Delta Platoon and get someone killed if he continued with his antics.
  17. So basically certain characters like Michel and Brera won't ever be mentioned or cameo in any future Macross series because each of them died in either the tv series or movie continuities?
  18. Probably not. Vajra biology is far too different as they don't have brains. To control Vajra the singer needs to be infected with the V-type virus like Ranka was. Var seems to only affect humanoid/Protoculture-seeded races.
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