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  1. How about the sagging issue, where there is a gap just after the cockpit, when the plane is not on it's landing gear? Has this been resolved? I hope they put something on the box to indicate that this is a re-issue.
  2. Thanks for sharing this information Graham. I hope that they will not release anymore vf-1 variants until they are able to either thicken the shoulder or change it to a different material altogether. I also hope that the new shoulders will be compatible to the old so we can have a permanent fix to our cracked models. My guess is the vf-4 and the vf-0D. Aside from them being my choice , but the long waiting time means that the new releases will be quite hard to engineer.
  3. i'm still too angry to take pics.
  4. I only have 2 VF-1's. I stopped buying after seeing the cracks on my 1A. As much as I like the new releases, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VF-1 as long as there are no significant changes done to that shoulder. HEAR that yamato? NEVER!!!
  5. The PG WZC is really top heavy due to the large wings. This makes poses quite limited, especially since it doesn't come with a stand. I have read more rants than raves about this kit, but I really love this PG. As long as you treat it as a model and not as a toy, you'll be fine. I managed to find the pose that I really liked and I have left it in that position in my detolf. It really has an imposing presence because of it's wings. Aside from my MP-04, this is the toy that my wife admits that she likes. By the way, anyone here has the pg strike rouge? Is the extra amount worth getting it over the strike? Seems there is a shortage of pg's here in singapore. can't seem to find anything else, except the 00.
  6. my interest in macross started to wane after i discovered cracks on my 1a's shoulders. my last purchase was the 11b. as such, i have started to collect koto zoids instead. have pre-ordered the iron kong and i am planning on getting the wolf. am wishing that they will be re-issuing the saber. can't believe i missed out on these beauties!
  7. So there's no use for this poll anymore? Might as well just lock it.
  8. maybe if it's free. yay! the vf-4 is catching up!
  9. finally something from yamato that comes with a stand! or will it?
  10. YAMATO, so where is the reactive armor for the 0A???
  11. i just got myself a gelgoog 2.0 last weekend. and i'm looking forward to building it. still waiting for a gouf 2.0 as the store where i buy said that it was so popular that it was immediately sold out and will be available again only next month. i really prefer the zeon ms's. i have a zaku, dom, gyan, gelgoog, kampfer, sazabi and perfect zeong, all in mg. must be because i am old school. the only gundams i have are the crossbone, wing ka, rx-78 ka and mk-ll. because of the lack of relatively new yamato offerings, i am diverting my funds to other mecha. got myself a pg wing a few weeks back and i have pre-ordered the mp-04 reissue. am also considering getting the new combattler soc and the pg mk-ll. thanks yamato!
  12. aside from japan, what other country is showing eva 2.0? they showed 1.0 here in singapore. i'm hoping they'll be showing 2.0.
  13. geepogi

    What do I want?

    how poor should i be to get in the club? do i have to send over my credentials and some references? vf-11 for me!!!
  14. geepogi

    What do I want?

    i say just give the money to the poor. i'm poor.
  15. Because of the cracks on my 1A, I have also stopped buying the vf-1's. I don't see myself buying anymore vf-1's unless yamato comes out with a stealth or a low-vis, and it will stay in fighter mode. Was really disappointed with yamato. I have gone back to gundam. At this stage, I would rather buy a perfect grade or several master grades.
  16. good to hear that bro. finally someone who prefers the PG to the MG. hehehe. was looking at pics of the PG zaku at dalong. i think i'll be scratching the zaku off my list. i really don't like the feet. the part on top of the feet, covering the pistons, is too big for my taste. i really like how they changed that in the MG. with the money, i'll just maybe get a gouf and a gelgoog and maybe another zaku MG. or maybe just save it for the 1:2000 sdf-1.
  17. thanks bro. anyway, i have read a lot of comments that the mg wing is a lot better than the pg but i'll still be getting the pg. it's the novelty of it's size, i guess. anyway, unlike the mg, i don't think there will ever be a pg v2.0. so i might as well get the zaku too, while i am at it. i plan on getting the wing first, then the zaku, then the astray last. was also thinking of getting the strike but i think it's a lot like the astray so i'll just get the astray. i plan on getting the astray last so i don't get disappointed while building the other 2.
  18. the zaku 2.0 is really great. am thinking of getting also the pg zaku but i have the feeling that the proportion and articulation of the mg is better than the pg.
  19. thanks bro. am really looking forward to building my first PG. have done about 10 MG's. all straight-build. the largest being the perfect zeong. so i don't see any difficulties in building this except for the amount of time needed and the wiring.
  20. man, you work really fast! read a WIP thread on another forum and he only basically panel-lined his PG WZC and it took him about 80 to a hundred hours. i also take about around 20 hours to finish an MG and it's only straight build but i do take extra time and care in cutting parts off the sprues to ensure a smooth cut. i don't use sandpaper though. i only use a cutter or the bandai scissors or nippers, whatever it is called, to remove any knobs. was not able to get one this weekend though. the store where i usually buy will be stocking up next week so hopefully i'll get one next week. but i may only get the chance to build it during the christmas holidays, provided we don't go on a holiday in the philippines. i haven't even bought the WZC but i already have the astray as my next PG in mind. hehehe. i have laid low in buying yamato stuff. will come out of my shell only when they release the VF-0D, VF-4 and SDF1.
  21. can they not have spent the night together without having sex? i guess it depends on culture. i'm asian and when i watched dyrl it never occured to me that they "did" it. dreamweaver, i enjoyed reading your thread. i don't know, but ever since the beginning, i have always liked misa. must be her eyes and her quiet disposition. she is also like another favorite character of mine, ayukawa madoka of kimagure orange road.
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