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  1. I would have gone with Arjuna and Esca in the BGM category and best vocals goes to any Maaya+Kanno+Iwasato track (Hemisphere and Kiseki no umi comes to mind). To each his own. Song wise I didn't vote because I cant decide between DC, Shinkuu DC, Yousei and Lion. Overall although I really like the Mac F OST it can't really match Bebop, Bebop is just too cool. And I was just thinking a sing-off between Mai Yamane and May'n would be pretty spectacular.
  2. I think Maaya's Aimo is as good as Voices. But then I'm biased. I do agree about Yousei, of the songs on the album its the one that sticks in my mind the most.
  3. I watched a few eps of Scrapped Princess, but haven't seen the whole thing yet. I was thinking of the 27's gun and Dragoon seemed a good idea at the time.
  4. Did SMS fix Gilliam's ride and give it to Alto? The paint job looks the same. Only I saw Gilliam ditch his FAST pack before entering island 1. It seems that pilots of that particular valk are overly fond of flying clean. And getting a bit crass, Alto's pick up line: "I'm a pilot, why don't you join me in the cockpit and I'll show you my corkscrew maneuver".
  5. Been listening to OST2 constantly since getting it and the only negative point is no full Ranshe/Maaya Aimo. May'n's songs are the highlight for me, love them all. Between the emotional Shinkuu vocals or the arrangement in the normal DC its hard to decide which version of DC i like more.
  6. In order of descending obsurdity: VF-27 Zephyr Dragoon Murasaki (Purple) or Inazuma (lightning bolt) Slippery Weasel FAST packs? We don't need no stinking FAST packs! Andf if you want to name it after a sword: VF-27 Schiavona.
  7. Sheryl, though it also took me a few episode to start liking her. I can't add any more to whats already been said about her.
  8. Pity there is a limit of three. If there were more name them after the seven horsemen of the apocalypse (plus no.8 kaos). Another option keeping with the Kawamori theme: Sol, Lunar and Mars. And they combine to form Aquarion Ghost. But I would name them after the three chief weapons of the Spanish Inquisition: Surprise, Fear, Ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Oops.
  9. All true save for one small detail: instead of the glasses she could get away with a pirate style eyepatch and a monocle now
  10. Who noticed the bridge bunnies Miina and Ramu hanging on to Bobby in the final credits? Maybe Bobby has given up on Ozma and started batting for the other team.
  11. Who was singing? The voice of Ranshe Mei, returned from the grave... Maaya Sakamoto was singing Aimo (I'd recognize that voice anywhere) and she was credited for part of the final medley. I suppose the lack of a resolution in the love triangle was a cop out but it was a great episode, too much to take in in one sitting. Oh yeah and why didn't they kill that little rat Leon, or at least space him or feed him to a vajra. It stinks that only Grace got killed.
  12. Lets not call Sheryl a slapper ok . I was gutted watching the end but Micheal's death has been predicted for a while now. Now I really want that version of DC in ost2, it beats Ranka's Aimo by miles.
  13. I absolutely love Lion. The pace of the vocals and the OP animation are fantastic. I can't wait for the second OST, it is available for pre-order but not tracklist has been released yet (that I could find). Not that it matters, it will be superb. As a Maaya fan I think she could whip Megumi and May'n but Triangular was maybe a little sub-par for Maaya, good but not great like Kiseki no umi.
  14. I thought Sheryl was running at high 70% low 80% the last time. Of course she's still the queen. And I had expected a sympathy in her favour. I tell you what, you can watch the character developement scenes and the couples banter between Cathy and Ozma. I'll watch the shower scenes for you.
  15. Sheryl took a huge hit this time round, about a 20% drop? Its becoming a three way tie between Cathy (who I liked from the start), Sheryl (I reserve judgment on her until I see how she acts after getting discarded by Grace) and Grace herself (blowing up half a planet never looked so good). Can I have all three? Please? In the end Cathy's shower scene was the the thing that tipped me to voted for her. Yes I know I'm shallow.
  16. Threesome . My vote so far is Ranka if she remains unchanged by the end. But I want him to choose Sheryl.
  17. That works for the first time, what about the second time when he's just spacing out watching Alto in action? Or maybe vajra specifically pick on green mechs .
  18. The question for me is: can Alto become this good so quickly without a montage? Even rocky had a montage Ozma must be feeling like Hikaru when Max started prodding buttock in SDFM.
  19. How could you hate Grace? Not everyone can blow up half a planet and still look this good. She's getting my Frontier Girls vote next time. And I LOVE Maaya! Her version of Aimo is beautiful. I want to see Ranshe Mei performing Aimo with Ranka and Sheryl on backing vocals and Brera on the harmonica.
  20. Or Micheal hooks up with the rest of Pixie Sqn, Klan catches him in the act and beats him to death with a 'body massager'. Mike: swap Sheryl for Leon. You can kill the galaxy fairy!
  21. I want to acknowledge the vital role that the Random Cannon Fodder Pilots play. Poor guys, you would think they would wise up when on graduation they get issued bulls-eyes not pilot wings. I reckon Ozma has a better chance of surviving than Brera and I would pay to see Leon check out in a painful messy way (serves him right for getting his grubby paws all over Cathy). Micheal will understand his sister just before he gets it. If the series turns ugly by around ep20 the death toll could be huge.
  22. Yeah, that 2 seat discussion would have been more appropriate for this topic. Someone mentioned it and it seems logical for a multi role fighter. Multi role versions of aircraft like the Rafale and Flankers have a GIB to handle the weapons etc. So why not a 2 seat multi role valk? Maybe not as glamorous as a single seat but potentially more capable and an extra pair of eyes must be useful. Since the Ex gear doesn´t seem to act like a g-suit and I think only funtions as a suit when out of the aircraft, do away with it , free up space and stick a WSO in the back. And the image of Ranka in Ex gear cracks me up.
  23. The 27 seems to do fine in vacuum and atmosphere without FAST packs. And I can´t recall seeing a 25 using super packs in a atmosphere even Gilliam ditched his super pack before entering island 1. Perhaps a valk that relies on FAST packs too much can become vulnerable. I´m thinking the YF-19 or YF-21 would be less vulnerable in most situations because they rely less on FAST. Its probably just me but I would prefer a valk which is so good it doesn´t need FAST packs.
  24. I meant when Brera was called off by Grace, Alto scuttled off straight and level. Now I have a image of him quietly soiling himself trying to put on the LAI fold booster before the blast hits him.
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