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  1. shadow has probably been busy with life. Patience all. Maybe if we're lucky, we will see the UN by the end of the year.
  2. Ahhh anybody get any word on what happens? It's 11:30am in Tokyo isn't it?
  3. I'd say what I really think about your post, but I'd get banned. Every single argument i've posted was seperate from the triangle. Can you guys not get it? Hello? Read what I'm freaking typing if you're capable of it. My complaints about this episode had NOTHING to do with the triangle, and everything to do with the execution, and the sloppy way they tied all the sub-plots up in 20 minutes, when they should have just extended the story for a 2nd season. God you guys are clueless. This episode was a trainwreck. After three watches of it, I feel like I should be hitting some serious drugs to finish me off. Once again. It wasn't about the lack of resolve on the love triangle. Get it? Mecha pron to the max, but slashing up a story, does not make for a good ending.
  4. Says who? Not every kiss is in your face in anime my friend. The kiss doesn't detract from his love for a real sky. No one ever said he had to choose one over the other. I love cars(got a good little collection started), yet I still have space for a relationship.
  5. It was a great episode if you were on acid. The re-mixed songs clashing against each other, the pace that was ALL over the place, the resolution of multiple sub-plots, the finishing off of 3+ villians in half the episode... This deserved everybit of my negative vote. Leaving the romance angle aside, the rest of the episode was a complete mess. Unless you were only in it for the Mecha porn and didn't care about anything else. Then this was a wet dream for you. Worst ending episode for a Macross story ever.
  6. To deny it happened... I'd have to wonder if you've ever kissed anybody before. It's the exact motions involved to a T.
  7. As I said, the lack of finish of the love triangle wasn't my biggest beef or even my 2nd biggest beef with 25. The music, and the plot endings really were a mess. Galaxy deserved a 2nd season.
  8. If he's directly inbetween Frontier and Quarter, how exactly does he salute both girls again?
  9. I'd have not killed off Galaxy at the very least. Save up for a Season 2 and really take your time finishing the story. Don't half-ass it like they did. It's not like they'd be hurting for money with how successful this show is being merchandise wise. I don't mind another season or OVA's to get it done properly. It was rushed too fast and they tried to tie everything up in one shot. It just didn't work.
  10. The lack of resolution to the love triangle didn't bother me as much as the overall rushed feel of the episode. So much was resolved so fast you never could catch your breath. Ranka was saved in 20 seconds, Grace was defeated in 90 seconds, Galaxy was defeated in 60 seconds, everything was just wam bam thank you ma'am and done. The remix music was crap too. There was no flow at all, and the songs just clashed with each other. Plenty of mecha-pron, but everything else was just crap.
  11. He was facing Sheryl's bridge or did you not notice? And if he was saluting both girls, why didn't Ranka acknowledge it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9IQu9UokJg 20 seconds in look at where the VF is facing. Even though he's inbetween both bridges, he's facing Frontier, not Quarter. Then look at when it flashes to Ranka's bridge and Sheryl is on the screen. Sheryl salutes, Ranka's just bobbing her head to her little dance routine.
  12. Alto Saluted Sheryl. She responded back with her own salute in the next immediate cut(notice Ranka didn't change her dance motion and follow suit like Sheryl did on Ranka's screen).
  13. Alto was Saluting Sheryl, then she saluted him back in the next scene through the screen. Ranka didn't get the salute, hence why she didn't return the salute...
  14. You forgot episode 22 where Alto kissed Sheryl... -coughs-
  15. If you seriously think that Alto is dead after that scene, you haven't been around the anime world very long. Let alone the Macross world.
  16. Notice the explosion looks like an Arrow pointed back towards the human fleet.
  17. Does he look like he enjoys any kisses? He didn't exactly pucker up for Ranka in the movie scene in episode 10. Not bloody likely at all, if you knew anything about Alto.
  18. Agreed. I had to pick Hikaru for this poll too.
  19. I'd choose death over either of those two if we're talking relationship statuses here.
  20. I'd take Nanase over Ranka or Bobby anyday. One eyed and all. If that makes you feel better.
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