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  1. that’s a tidy return on investment there!
  2. oof, thanks for the info! i figured the price was stupid high and was going to make a "reasonable" offer, but thanks for the warning. we'll keep an eye out for similar pieces on YJ. Who is a good US proxy service nowadays?
  3. My gf got curious about my framed Minmay I picked up in 2008 which you can find in my post history, which led to a conversation about cel collection and checking out a few auctions. She loves the art in this current eBay auction and she thinks it would look great with the rest of the art we have on display in our home. It's obviously just background characters, but I'm not saying no to girlfriend approval for more Macross on the walls. My only concern is separating the cel from the paper backing for framing and display. I know it's theoretically possible, but I've never attempted it and the cel is quite old. How risky would it be to try to separate as a first-timer? Would it even be worthwhile to separate the cel from the backing? Also, do we know if the seller is a member here? P.S. - you in the mood to sell that Hikaru layer yet? We'd love to come to Seoul to pick it up!
  4. Look what just got back from the framer! One of my favorite scenes from DYRL. My girlfriend thinks (knows) I'm a nerd but I'm unrepentant. I just need a quality (read: stupid expensive) FB2012 cel now and then I'll be happy.
  5. I was born between "Drop Out" and "Good-bye Girl" Do I win a prize?
  6. shoulda figured you had the missing piece! your collection is simply fantastic - the FB2012 stuff in particular makes me swoon also major props to the owner of hikaruslap.jpg, that's priceless!
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