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  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone give me an estimate for these toys: 1/60 Bandai renewal versions: VF-25F + Tornado parts (alto) VF-25S + Armored parts (the biggest and meanest! I paid almost $450 back in the days in Japan to get this..) RVF-25 + super parts and ghosts set YF-29 Durendal or sth + super parts VF-27 Lucifer with super parts included never ever transformed except for Alto's one but only up to Gerwalk mode. Complete, mint condition, original boxes. 1/60 Yamato VF-0 with ghost - regular grey version (not the yellow strike) SV-51 dark grey version both fully transformed once, no broken parts, complete, with box thanks
  2. herlock99

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    A little part of my collection, including whatever I like, but mostly robots, Macross and One Piece.
  3. here is the list of toys as for now. I might add many later, especially rare 1/60 from Frontier (but it's hard to part with them...)  if you have any 1/72 Macross finished (or "finishable") models and would consider some trade, I'm open to propositions. 1/60 VF-4G Lightning III - Arcadia - 100% new but not sealed $330 1/100 VF-1J Super Valkyrie - Hi-Metal R Bandai Max version - new sealed $90 1/100 VF-1J Super Valkyrie - Hi-Metal R Bandai Milia version - new sealed $110 1/100 VF-1J Armored Valkyrie - Hi-Metal R Bandai Hikaru Ichijo 1st release - new sealed $200 1/100 VF-1J Super Valkyrie - Hi-Metal R Bandai Hikaru Ichijo - opened and displayed robot mode, never transformed $80 (SOLD) 1/100 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie - Hi-Metal R Bandai Roy Focker + special standing base - opened and displayed Gerwalk mode, so half transformed once $185 (SOLD) 1/100 VE-1 Elint Seeker- Hi-Metal R Bandai - new sealed $80 Shipping from Switzerland, including insurance for the declared value. All HI-Metal fit the Small Package requirements, even if you put up to 3-4 of them I guess. Arcadia's box might fit the small package requirements but only if you're not scared to get it with a few bumps as I can't add much extra protection. small package (equivalent to Japanese SAL) max 2kg (4 pounds and a half) L + l + H = 90 cm (35 inches) Economy Europe max $23 World max $31 Priority (EMS) Europe max $30 World max $42 (cheaper for >1,5kg / >1kg / >0,5kg) delivery time US Economy 7-15 days US Priority 3-7 days Europe Economy about 4 to 15 days Europe Priority about 3 days Large package Economy US >2kg $37 >5kg $47 >10kg $55 >15kg $ 63 >20kg $72 Priority US >2kg $43 >5kg $54 >10kg $65 >15kg $ 81 >20kg $89
  4. ok, my apologies — for real. I received a private message saying that there was a warning before my original post was deleted. Not sure it was 24h though, because I posted during the night (in my country) and the next afternoon I couldn't find my post anymore. But there was definitely one. Apparently I just don't receive any notification whenever sb posts sth here. I just don't know how to set that up. Anyway, according to me there was a price. I was just not conventional. I wrote something like "whatever you find on an auction site, I'll make it at least 10% cheaper". That's a price. It's just not stated. It's not intended to mislead people. It was intended to offer the best price possible without me losing money. Yeah, "parents.. always in need of money, but no time to check things thoroughly.." I don't have time indeed to check market value. And I wanted real Macross fan to benefit from sometime rare toys and not some ebay more experienced reseller. Anyway, I don't want to spread any more hate on this forum, even though I'm the one who started. Again, Please forgive me. So, if it's still appropriate, can I post my selling list? or does a mod still have my original message ? ANd do I really need to put a real definite price even though I don't know these toys value? Edit: I have now read all your posts. Thank you for attaching my original post. maybe 36 hours felt like 12 hours and I skipped a day in my head.. I will check prices on Ebay myself and make it cheaper here. it's just hard to know for the VF-4. There are 15 watchers on much more expensive auctions than mine, I don't understand. I just remember I paid quite a lot through a proxy to get this one. But I have too many toys to remember everything. Just want to be fair.
  5. well when I first posted a nice message here, I thought I was communicating with humans, and that if I missed something, someone would just let me know. But when your message is erased without any explanation, it makes you feel angry. period. I thought it was a forum, not a life insurance policy with 2000 strict rules. NOthing was wrong with my message. And if you think it was rude to forget to put a price, well, I'm so sorrry to upset you and be one more random guy who didn't show tremendous respect to what you've been building over so many years. My bad.. I should have known better. 100000000 apologies.
  6. NEw topic test Hi-metal R VF1 Max + Miria + many others price $100000000 hope you're happy to see a price. No rules broken.
  7. here you can notice that the radar can probably fold inside the space between the 2 legs. You can also notice some fast packs attached to the wings. this bird looks awsome this way. This hollow part in fighter mode reminds me a bit of the VF-2 design and I like it ! This VF31 looks like a tie-fighter ! Have you noticed that both the 31s and the Drakens have their wing tips changing orientation a lot ?
  8. Hi I am just starting in the hobby business and I wondered if you can find those Topcoat spray cans but in normal paint spouts as I have just bought an airbrush ? I have read that these spray cans can freeze and then spit rather than spray.. my local dealer only has gloss varnish in spouts, no satin nor mat finishing. thanx
  9. Hi I haven't checked all the new pages since the first pictures, but where can these Ichiban stuff be bought ? haven't found them on HLJ. I am more interested by the SD gerwalks and figures. Same for the SD Gurren Lagann Ichiban sets..
  10. hi what are those super deformed Valkyries? also from Banpresto?
  11. Can anyone tell me if the water decals on the wings for example will resist rubbing movements as when the wings spread wide open or retract for higher speed ? will it not pull off the decals ? sorry if my question is not very clear but I have never build this kind of kits..
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