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  1. seems like it's coming abck up from hlj too. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN952782
  2. Don't miss this chance to get this sure to be collecters item. Will be shipped at the end of March, all pre-orders must be placed by December 15, 12pm.
  3. How much did you pay for one of your DXs? because I'm going to HK on wednesday
  4. Contact Information OverDrive, Inc. Harada Bldg 1F 5-9-7 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku Tokyo, 111-0053, Japan Tel:+81-3-5835-0647 Fax:+81-3-5835-0648 There you go. It's under About
  5. There was never a ranka solo of DC, it was a 50/50.
  6. a May'n CD is coming in January... and finally a Lion Solo http://www.macrossf.com/information/information.html May'n オリジナルミニアルバム「メイン☆ストリート」発売決定! 作曲家に菅野よう子、シライシ紗トリを迎え、 さらにMay'n自身が作詞・作曲をした楽曲も収録。 TVアニメーション『マクロスF』新オープニングテーマ「ライオン(May'n Ver.)」を含む 全7曲のオリジナルミニアルバムが遂に発売決定!! 初回生産分のみ、オリジナルプロモーションビデオDVDや 直筆サイン入りポスターが抽選で当たる応募券を封入。 VTCL-60090 ¥2,200(tax in) 2009.1.21 IN STORES
  7. I'm uling the horrible raw since it's being released only on irc atm.
  8. The res kinda dropped from stream but oh well .. better than nothing?
  9. (11:41:18) (&`Waryas) we won't release macross/hidamari raw this week (11:41:21) (&`Waryas) the cap got corrupted (11:44:08) (GerryMcCann) truly horrible. Lucky i recorded the stream
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