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  1. Uh?....Money. If I only i could when the lottery or discover I had a rich benifactor.
  2. HUD- Heads Up Display- clear piece of glass that has important information projected on to it (Speed, Altitude, weapons, etc.) Some new technology will allow the head to be projected either onto the canopy itself or onto the pilot's visor, some countries (Russians and Isralies for sure) have a projection on the visor already to allow pilots to target enemy aircraft anywhere around the airplane. Any screen you have to look into the cockpit for is called a Heads Down Display. Qucik Question: Is it just me or does it look like the Valks have a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) system, excluding the BGF panel of course?
  3. 0Coota0

    Banpresto Valks

    Anybody know th approximate scale of the banpresto valks?
  4. I'm thinking about customizing either a Yamato 1/60 or an MPC into a low viz. I'm wondering if there is a reeason to use one over the other. I also have never done this before what all do I need and can anyone tell me what I'm getting myself into?
  5. You know what they remind me of, ever see the Cartoon EXOSQUAD (I always thought that their carrier was cool) they had jump troops that when in as light infantry (kinda like Marines) they wore backpacks with wings, and I think had some kind of leg gear, and carried rifles.
  6. Whoop! Are you an Aggie? I was class of '02 Company N-1
  7. Here's my two cents. Destroids are great,but they take longer to move into position, and they get raped by fighters becuase of their lack of manuverability, but they have a much larger weapons load than the Valks typically do, the Valks however are much faster and more manuverable, but with less armor and less firepower. Which leaves you with three forces: Non-transformable fighters Destroids Valks Here's how you use them: Non-transformable fighters- Take on air threats, and make air/spacebourne attacks on enemy targets, used as air suport and to maintain air superiority Destroids- counter ground threats, used for defens of static structures, move in and take ground (infantry and Armor), and function as Artillery Valks- Used for air defense and air attack, air defense, ground attack in cities and on the ground, but also as shock troops, they hit quick and hard but are less lightly armed and armored, they're basiclly Marines, they make the beach head, the Dadelous pulls up on the Beach head drops off a bunch of destroids, the destroids maintain the fight with convintional air cover and Valks, while the Valks that originally hit the beach retire tto be rested and rearmed. Just my opnion P.S. a strtegic style Macross game would be really cool, but I think I'd rather a Macross Zero one
  8. I think they definatly have destroids and large bases somwhere. My theory is that when the tv series was being designed in the late 70's and early 80's that the original war was supposed to have been fought between the UN/Nato forces and the USSR, but today we don't have a USSR so you can't do that, instead you have the UN vs. Anti-UN. Looking at the OVA it seems to me that the UN is made up of the U.S. and it's allies, and that the Anti-UN seems to be made up of Russians and people belonging to the former USSR client states. Of cours this is just my theory
  9. Maybe it can't fly and is forced to remain grounded during battles, when wearing the armor
  10. Why call it "Landing/VTOL" mode when VTOL stands for Vertical Takeoff Or Landing?
  11. I realize he died for a reason, but I always wondered why he didn't go to sickbay when he got back to the ship, and if he was bleeding that badly why no one noticed, ground crew might be busy,but when Claudia hugged him, you'd think she'd notice that sticky red spot.
  12. Don't feel stupid, any Navy pilot I know has never worn a camo helnet in the gulf (At least not while flying) and I've never seen a picture of one either, perhaps there was some confusion, since Marine Pilots fly off of carriers too. I don't no about the A-10 thing but that doesn't really sound like the Air Force's style. That's why I asked where the info came from.
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