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    Somewhere in Southern California
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    My interests include Motorcycles, Fine art, fine dining, collecting anime perephenalia, electric guitars, surfing/snowboarding, creating doujinshi, Latest hoby: shooting at the local range.

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  1. Was just looking at the gallery and came across your site and work, and everything on there is so full of energy, and your work is truly awe inspiring to the professional level.

    I'll keep returning for more.

  2. It's been awhile since I posted, so paying homage to the recent episode 22 spoilers, I decided to do something for Sheryl's triumphant return to singing. This is just 1 out of a series of Promo illustrations I'll be submitting when I have the time. --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  3. Ippiki Ookami

    My Sheryl and Alto fanart

    Just some artwork I decided to do in suport of the "Queen and the Princess" LOL.
  4. Another contribution to the "Sheryl Cause".....enjoy! --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  5. We would all love to see your artwork! cheers, Ruskii.

  6. Another contribution to the "Sheryl" shippers. Not exactly safe for work, so umm...here's the link... (NSFW) http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/uploads/12...0_67_131358.png --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  7. Some of my commissioned work can be found here at my partial portfolio site: http://www.lw-concepts.com And a few pieces of sketched out 'Settei" can be found at this company's blog site: http://www.creampuffcafe.com/blog/ --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  8. Just some more my cross-promoting fanart between Macross forums: =========Original message from Animesuki=========== Phew! Survived my sister's wedding yesterday LOL! And because of the lovey-dovey sappiness that roamed the wedding reception, it inspired me to create something just as sappy. However this is more of my wishful thinking for the second Macross Frontier OST. And yes, that VF-25 that you see in the background was just taken from the existing "Settei" that resides on the official Macross F website (got to lazy but perhaps next time, I'll actually illustrate some mecha). Funny thing is that this series is seriously affecting my work projects LOL. My boss was wondering why my character designs are starting to look Sheryl and Alto....but hey...at least I influenced most of the office to watch the show hahahaha! Should have some Sheryl and Alto doodles posted up soon. =============== --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  9. I posted this in Animesuki's Macross forum so I guess I'll post it here as well. Just some Sheryl and Alto for those who don't mind. Please excuse the crappiness...I was in a hurry --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  10. It's no problem, ickem. To be honest, I've been really lazy about going back to Ranka's blog(mostly because I find her blog uninspiring) but I'll try to change that soon and finish up the ones that haven't been touched. Anyhow thank you for translating the latest and you're absolutely right.....Ranka really is a Sheryl fan. --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  11. You're welcome, dreamweaver13 but I'm a woman ;; --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  12. The person who posted that particular term probably wasn't aware it was a racial slur but it is. The racial term derived from World War II when the Japanese were placed in internment camps. Here's a quote from Lietenent General, John DeWitt who started it back then, "A Jap is a Jap" He continues with, "I don't want any of them [persons of Japanese ancestry] here. They are a dangerous element. There is no way to determine their loyalty... It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen, he is still a Japanese. American citizenship does not necessarily determine loyalty... But we must worry about the Japanese all the time until he is wiped off the map." So yeah...some people like my grandmother is still offended by terms like that but then again not too many people are aware of the terms origins so it's inevitable. --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  13. These are great! Thanks for sharing these scans! I especially love the one with Max and Miria with a baby Mylene. And it's interesting to see Basara without the glasses for a change. --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  14. Here's more of Ranka's blog for those who are actually interested. ...and I agree with s-girl. Sheryl's blog really is enjoyable to read. Ranka on the other hand is random I guess...some parts are interested...some parts are not. In conclusion, I must say that Ranka seems a bit "Hetare" ;; Well I have some more comments below her blog... ============================================= 6/6 (NOTE: I feel bad for Ranka in this entry ; 2058年12月19日 (Ranka says,) It's difficult to say. Ranka-san... The Arowana (refer to the entry about the fish) was supposed to come out, The motorcycle that was carrying in route, turned around and collapsed. It seemed to flee to the Nemu river. ....The store manager is going to become quite blue This is the subject of talk in the store (*Å*) Ahaha.... 6/7 2058年〓月Ю日 Iiya-n! Dreadful dream (;;) Sometimes I see the same scary dream. it is in a dark hole. I'm motionlessly waiting for something Nobody comes when I weep. How is everyone afraid in my dream? (I may have to reread this part again) I want such a person to come and help. (NOTE: She drew a picture of a superhero---cute!) 6/9 2059年1月ψΣ Ranka Lee announces! D-i-e-t st--a--art---ing!! (diet starting) Ah, it's walk and walk and no action or say something I want to say!! This time it's different! The girl's rice is good! Patience, Patience. Like 777chan It's like playing ponyong yukkiri (This one is confusing) 6/9 2059年1月ψΣ The emergency diet isn't good. I am the same Ranka now. I think it's good but... Ah! In order to get thin, healthily, consider a diet menu for girls this time! =========================================== Despite the fact that she mentions her dieting quite often, her entry about her nightmare was sad actually...the more I read her blog, I can't help but wonder if her vulnerability will be her impending doom or something and she'll end up on the dark side or something. Or perhaps I'm reading too much into that particular entry...*shrugs* I do feel bad for her... ...but I'm still in the Sheryl camp. Anyhow, I'll post more entries later. I'm actually one page away from the most recent entry. --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
  15. Here's Sheryl's blog: http://ameblo.jp/sherylnome/ And Ranka's blog: http://ameblo.jp/rankalee --Lone Wolf 一匹狼
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