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  1. I got an email back from over-drive. They say they should have their pre-sale up tomorrow but they're saying limited qtys and to order right away.

    Damn meaining the limited edition of 1,000 units is true ? !

  2. The VF-22 sturmvogel looks cool ! Wish I can see the gerwalk version of all three VFs ! Any chance Yamato would improve on the YF-19 mold (considering they are facing tougher competition with Bandai over macross products now) ?

  3. Im confused. First you say you dislike the USA but you dont hate Americans. Americans saved your ancestors lives...allowing you to be born. Actually let me rephrase that...American Soldiers risked there lives to save your popo and gunggung so your parents could be born...allowing you to be born...so you could dislike their country. So why this dislike? By the way if Japan kept China/Singapore/Asia...I think you would be speaking Japanese...not English.

    I have no hate for Chinese...despite the fact that they sent many boats to conquer Japan back in the day. Neither do I have any hate for the ocean which was able to destroy those boats twice so that very few Chinese were able to land in Japan. Actually I love the ocean.

    I hate to rehash history. Its done. But these posts that ask us about these sorts of values are like asking me to reply...how can you think that your country is immune from the problems that America faces? I did not grow up in Singapore...so I dont know the customs...nor did I grow up in China...but what happened to good old Chinese values. For a while they made good products. I liked there things...then they started to cut back. Now my office basically trashes any food/snacks from China. We dont eat it. Why? Because of greed. The same thing that hurt the US hurt China...cause seriously who puts poison in babies milk? Who puts lead in kids toys? Who builds substandard housing for schools so when the earth shakes they are the buildings that first come down? Who kicks out old people from the country so they can develop the land and pollute it to the point where those same old people are now homeless and dieing from the water they drink?

    So please...dont make greed seem to be a US trait. It happens all over the world.

    Actually it was the Mongol Fleet under the direction of Kublai Khan that tried to invade Japan twice but was destroyed by the "Divine Wind". I agree with VTF1, we should not judge a nation or its people are "bad" or "good". We can't said that all the Japanese or German were "bad" collectively because of their govt policies during WW2. I am certain that portions of Japanese or German populations were against the war. A few good example are Claus Von Stauffenberg and Oskar Schindler, they are Germans but they are tried to do the morally right thing. Every race or nation have their bad apples. Individuals rather than "nations" or its "people" should be judged whether they are "good" or "bad".

  4. Finally got my hands on the VF-1A Max TV version. There are 8 bowes here all taken. 7 to be mail out soon and 1 which belongs to myself. I'm opening it to see how it's being package and the QC of the Max. So far so good. Enjoy the pics. :D

    Hi Dash,

    Thanks for the photos ! She is a beauty !

  5. Minmey's hair is all wrong! Yamato - how could you screw up her hair!? She's got this mullet thing going on her forehead! And the color of the hair is all wrong too!

    I'm not buying this! It's outrageous! When will Yamato learn and listen to the fans!? 5 million dolars for this piece of crap!? No thanks! I'd rather buy a Gundam!


    I can't wait for it to arrive ! VF-1D is beautiful ! My only complaint is that Yamato could have done a better job with the Hikaru / Minmay's sculpt. Perhaps an enterprising forum member can give us a better looking/more detailed pilot and his passenger ?

  6. I am sold with the SDF-1 but I hope Yamato would not come out with another web-exclusive weathering special version otherwise I would come to Tokyo and raze their office to the ground :lol: Having one sdf-1 is going burn a hole through my wallet, having a exclusive version would deflate my wallet in an instant :)

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