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  1. I was with a friend today, admiring the VE-1. We were totally blown away by the VE-1 :lol: A question came out, how do you land the VE-1 in fighter mode, the pilot must be exceptionally good not to damage the electronic panels below the undercarriage when landing !

  2. I am just glad we have someone like Graham to channel our recommendations /criticism to Yamato. We may have some disappointments with some of Yamato's earlier products but their latest products are with better QCs. This I believe is due partly to Graham help in passing Yamato our feedbacks/recommendations and also competition from Bandai’s DX and 1/72 line !

    Now if we can get someone here as liaison with Bandai ? :lol:

  3. Awesome collection, was kinda sad you didn't roll out the Messiahs in Super Packs and standing in Battroid mode. Maybe next time ?

    ha ha sorry about that, most of the time they are in Fighter mode but on several times, VF-25S Ozma was in battaloid mode w/ super packs




  4. Great set up and display! Hope we can get some other collectors to bring out their stuff for display this year for our con. I usually just bring my stuff.. haha

    Many thanks :) A bunch of us contributed to the event, but carrying so many toys and setting up the exhibition booth was a logistic nightmare ! The number of Macross fans are fewer compared to the Gundam and Transformers fans in Malaysia, we are trying to spread the Macross fandom here. We hope to do it better the next round. Good luck to your Con.

  5. Not exactly. I think the correct term would be maybe "second wave" or re-release with corrected issues. I believe there was crooked gunpod issue. The "v2" was the the version that came bundled with the fold booster set.

    Yamato just reissue the 1/60 YF-19 this month, how do we know whether this is the version with the fixed gunpod ? Would there be any differences in the packaging ?

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