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  1. Hi all,

    A bunch of Macross fans would be putting up a Macross exhibition during the Comic Fiesta 2009. The details of the exhibition would be as follows :-

    Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, Sunway Pyramid

    Date : 19th & 20th Dec 2009 (Sat & Sunday)

    Time : 11am to 7pm

    If you are free, please drop by to see our Macross exhibits. We can discuss about Macross or debate who should get Alto ? Ranka or Sheryl ! :D . If you like to lend your Macross toys to the exhibition, please pm me. Sorry for the short notice. :blush: We hope to see you all there. :clap:


  2. Hi guys,

    Great to know that you guys love the panels. There is no big secret on panel lining yamato's 1/60. I've tried many and so far, Gundam REAL TOUCH MARKER (GM401 Grey) works best with the surface material. I have tried Gundma makers GM01, GM20 and even though they were meant for panel lining (on gundams!) they are not really good for Yamato's surface. They are not that easy to wipe off when we use on Yamato's planes. They also left very bad impression on the surface.

    There is a thin coating on Yamato's plane. So my suggestion is, you may need to have a steady hand and apply first layer using GM401 (fine tip) along the panel lines and wipe it off (use my hand, fast, easy and quick). The second time when you apply it, the ink will sink into the gap of the lines naturally and this is when you can see everything pop out as it should. If you wish to make the lines darker, apply it few times. Make sure you wipe it off quickly before it dries off. This is how I did my VE-1.

    Here's a pic of Gundam Real touch Marker (GM401,402) They come in set as well with different colors.

    Gundam Real touch marker

    Hope this helps. Will do more valks. ;)

    Cheers and start paneling away.


    Well done dude ! :lol:

  3. What's the news? this link has been around for a long time already???


    Actually, have anyone bought from here before? I have someone in Japan to put down the deposit for me twice, but haven't got any confirmation email or reply back from Yamato yet. Is this normal? Is there any way that I or my friend could check if the order really went through? Thanks.

    Normally they should be more efficient that this, why don't you ask your friend to email or call them to enquire about the order confirmation. Anyway good luck to your purchase !

  4. 署名プロジェクトの詳細がでたらめ英語翻訳になってましたので、日本語にしてみました。




    でもその前にマクロスの制作スタッフに見ていただくための署名活動を行いたいのでこの委員会を立ち上げました。 ぜひとも署名活動に賛同を。

    :( マクロス7続編デジタル署名活動

    Hey guys, any translations for Mari-ja-san's posting ?

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