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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. 11 minutes ago, Robin-11 said:

    That would be perfect but at this point i would go with one with an helmet too...my VF-1D is in gerwalk mode holding Minmey in one of its hands...i like that pose and i really don't want to change it. I hoped Bandai was going to put an extra pilot on the angel birds release....but knowing bandai they will probably be organizing a lottery. Send 5 coupons of the 5 angel birds you bought and you will have the chance to win an extra Hikaru Hichijo figure without the helmet to put into the Fan racer...jokes aside i really hope to find one sooner or later. What about the one in the arcadia release of the fan racer?

    HAHAHA yeah, that would be nice. I forget if I pulled form the Yammie 1/60 1D v1 or v2 (I'd have to look back, but I think it was v2, since I think the pilots were different on v1). Here's what he looks like in there:

    No description available.


  2. On 1/28/2023 at 11:02 AM, Robin-11 said:

    I decided to pull the trigger for two...for the amont of space i have (and the amount of money) it looked like the perfect number for me. And i was lucky i could get both for a good price.i was wondering though, was anyone able to recreate a Hikaru's figure for the fan racer included in the VF-1D? I wanted to display mine with the Fan racer in the middle but there was only one pilot in the box of the 1D... i wouldn't mind buying a resin (or plastic) copy (possibly without the helmet) and painted it myself.

    I think I ended up pulling a Hikaru from a Yammie 1/60 VF-1D I had in battroid mode.

  3. 1 hour ago, MKT said:


    Here I was just thinking again, how much better it would be if the Angel Birds were released in the HMR line. I suspect it would be a much easier option to get multiples, if not all 5. I mean, who here will get all 5 x Chogokin Angel Birds? But we have the answer here :lol:

    A TWE HMR Angel Bird 5-pack with smoke effects?

    I'm in.

  4. On 12/19/2022 at 3:56 PM, ValkAddict said:

    Thanks for sharing your comments @vladykins. I am interested in these, but since I already have the Sentinel cyclones - decided to hold off. I know they're obviously not exactly comparable - but with limited toy funds, I need to be selective.

    I enjoy these, but they definitely aren't smaller version of the Sentinels. They feel less fragile to a certain extent than the CMs and Megahouse but they are also a lot smaller, so it is hard to justify paying what I think I paid for my Megahouses. 

  5. On 12/19/2022 at 10:55 PM, twich said:

    I would enjoy having the enemy mecha along with destroids, but the results that I have found are redonkulous in price. If I am paying that much, might as well get a 1/60 Arcadia or Bandai DX Chogokin. I hope that these might get a rerelease or something so that it will get easier to acquire.



    If you keep an eye out, you can get the HMR Defender or Spartan for $80-100. The Monster is going to set you back typically at least $200-250 if you keep an eye out, but you will *not* be disappointed. It is HUGE, it is solid, and it is a lot of fun. 


  6. 11 hours ago, twich said:

    for the size of the toy, it just looks damn good.  I have noticed, and maybe I am getting delusional in my old age, that the feel and look of this VF-0S Bandai Hi-Metal R is just superior to previous Hi-Metal R toys that I have( I have a VF-2SS Nexx, VT-1 Super Ostrich and VF-4G Roy homage ver.)  On getting the VF-0S, I just felt like this was a step above those other toys.  Dont get me wrong, I love the other Hi-Metal R Macross jets that I have, but the VF-0S feel superior to me.



    I won't be the first to say this nor the last, but grab the HMR destroids and enemy mechs. Just do it. I love the VF HMRs, but they all pale besides the destroids and enemies. 


  7. On 12/17/2022 at 2:39 PM, ValkAddict said:

    Are these worth getting? Can you please share your thoughts/review? TIA.


    For the price.... I'm still deciding. They are decent little toys and I feel they have a bit of playability, but they are pretty costly for the size. 


    Am I glad I got them? Yes. Am I glad I cancelled the separate order I had? Probably. 

  8. On 11/28/2022 at 3:19 PM, MacrossJunkie said:

    They changed it from the original release. The text makes no sense at all.



    LOL it is the lyrics to "Just the Two of Us", which while I remember the original song, remember more from Dr Evil and Minii-Me rapping in jail with the chorus to the song.


  9. 16 hours ago, nightmareB4macross said:


    Toynami has no bounds. They actually polish turds. Wasn’t Evolution Toys Legioss a hot mess of problems right out the gate, just like the VF-2SS?


    I only ended up with the Shadow version, and that only so it could hang with the old 1/35 Gakkens. 

  10. 41 minutes ago, Froy said:

    Does some one still have pictures of the monstrosity of battroid that Toynami showed many years ago? Around the time of the MPC VF-1s. I have been looking for those pictures on google but so far none.

    You mean like this guy?



  11. 1 hour ago, Radioguy said:

    Hardy har-har. 😄

    But seriously...they seem so easy to KO. If they were a few bucks a piece, I'd actually grab a bunch and laud them for being worth it.

    The KO company looked but they couldn't find a cheaper plastic. 

  12. 23 minutes ago, Chunky001 said:



    Yeah- I just looked at the HMR shelf and am already figuring out where to try to fit things. Luckily my HMR destroids and enemies are in different locations. 

  13. 2 hours ago, RavenHawk said:

    As much as there are clearly issues with the MEPToys products (which I have on order), and the b2five ones (also on order), and the Sentinel stuff (which, admittedly, I love, even though it is starting to look awfully fan-fiction-y)...


    We have new stuff coming out for a relatively short-lived anime from almost FORTY YEARS AGO that I'm still kind of obsessed with.


    The fact that we're getting all of this still, 4 decades later, makes me happy, even if I also have plenty of gripes about the details.

    I'll gripe about the eyeball issues, but I also already plunked down cash for two, plus a shocktrooper (and was one of the few who plunked down for a larger shocktrooper but not enough people got behind that). 

  14. Looks like the Meptoys inbits/invids are getting ready to roll out soon. Final samples are heading to them:

    May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'FORADESS3 MEP ADESUSU M MEPTOYS TOYS SCOUT o INVI INVID ROBOTECH S ©crun'


    May be an image of toy


    May be an image of toy


    No photo description available.


    I'm hoping they fix that line on the lower eye before full production. 

  15. 7 hours ago, nightmareB4macross said:

    You’re right. But the VF-2 and the VF-0 should both be the same height at 14m.

    At HMR scale those too still appear a bit too large.

    Looks about right in @Convectuoso's picture, so I'm thinking there is something weird with the video shot. I may take a look at mine (though I don't have either standing straight up).

  16. 54 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    I’d been wondering why the box was so long.

    I wonder why they changed? The old way of taping it behind worked fine.

    Not sure, because they still included a sub tray for hardpoint wings and part of the display stand. Here's the pictures I posted in the other thread:


    No description available.


    The background board is schematic style drawings instead of a solid color, which is cool:


    No description available.

  17. My two just got here. As expected, the box length is because the base of the stand is included in the main tray, though there is still a small sub tray for wings and part of stand pieces.

    No description available.


    The included "divider background" isn't just a solid color like many previous releases but has some schematic style drawings included. 


    No description available.



  18. Looks like the long box question is answered, with the stand in the tray side by side with the rest of the bits instead of under like most other releases. 

    Mine just left Cinncy on its way to me, so I should get them today.

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