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  1. thank Dante I thought they came out much more in fact. I just turn my 1 / 72 YF21 and they do not leave too much !!!!!!! the forearm back, but I thought that after the gun is drawn outward also
  2. goods pics swoosh and thank graham for the first review just want to know if guns under the front arm may leave a little more or do not move at all. thanks.........
  3. Hi, payment's done waiting for shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. HI, does anybody knows how many YF21, Yamato will produce and if it's the same number for the others models
  5. The basic kit is the VF2SS scale 1 / 100 of bandai with the kit resin b-club for arms and legs, but for the fast pack back, it's custom. It's a very good job. I'll try to do the same, because I order at HLJ 3 kit VF2SS of bandai. Hope
  6. VF2SS superb, when I look at your mecha I know why it's my favorite of all the Macross 'séries because he looked like a real space ship. Beautiful work
  7. hi you want see a great job an vf 2ss I think the vf-2ss is my preferred valkhyrie I would yamato manufacture in the 1 / 60 scale
  8. hi, I post a scan to the akimap because the link in page 3 doesn't work anymore. Or you can test this link http://akiba-ch.com/map/ :)
  9. Hello everybody I am new to the forum but I know the site since 2000, and I say bravo for the site. This ismy collection, which does not stop, i’m waiting the yf 21 that I really want it when i see the photos because it seems brilliant strongly review, waiting for vf11 B and new 1 / 60 vf1 I was in japan for my honeymoon trip for 3 weeks and it was really genius, my wife and I love it, we visit Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Nagoya, Kyoto, Takayama, Nagano, and of course Miyagima and Tokyo. Many shinkansen, trains and fortunately there is japan rail pass, Tokyo is a city delirious and I want to return. Thanks to the site that I learned about the shops to find macross toys and I find (akimap) on the shops to akihabara, i buy :1 VF-1J Valkyrie Super MAX 1 VF-1J Stealth Type, 1 yf 19 fast pack and 1 sv51 and some patlabor toys. So thank you all and this is the photos of my collection. 1/72 1 vf 19 1 yf 21 1 vf 11b 1/60 3 yf 19 1 vf 0s 1 vf 0a whit fast pack 1 sv 51 1 QF-2200D-A Ghost 1/48 1 vf 1j stealh type 1 vf 1j Super Valkyrie MAX[/s[/color]ize]
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